Mastering Your “Internal Dialogue”

Last time, we talked about WHY is it that even though we have absolute belief and clarity, there are still challenges in our journey.

Jerry ‘DRhino’ Clark, a network marketing expert who became a millionnaire in his late 20s summarizes well: In order to succeed in network marketing, you need to master your ‘internal dialogue’ so that you can go through the 3 simple steps and be successful:

1) Get started
2) Go in the process (taking action)
3) Don’t quit

According to Jerry, many people who signed up in doing network marketing have not even gone through the process. Many have not mastered their own ‘internal dialogue’ and therefore not having the absolute conviction that they can succeed in this network marketing industry (simply by following the foot steps of successful network marketers). That is, people tend to give up far too easily.

In order that you will not give up too readily, you need to follow strictly what are required for success. In the system that I am using, we focus on identifying the deepest desire WHY someone would like to succeed in network marketing. We then focus on personal development to assist people with getting the ‘internal dialogue’ right. This means that they will then have a strong desire to succeed AND a right mental attitude to do the simple daily actions required.

The whole process is what we call ‘Success is in the Process’!

I hope this information can assist you to take action in the right direction and save you years of unnecessary exploration or challenges in your network marketing journey.

Viola Tam, Your MLM Success Coach




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