MLM and Empowering Others

Are you someone who loves empowering quotes? If you are online, where do you normally go for those quotes and inspiration?

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Most people like messages that are empowering. I have sourced out this particular one from Ted Talk by Laura Boushnak which encourages her audience to get educated and be empowered. Click here for the 5.09 minutes video.

Laura’s focus is on the importance of STARTING reading for illiterate women. She encourage women to be themselves and be who they want to be, not what they are expected to be.

This reminded me much of the Network Marketing journey that so many women from humble backgrounds have taken and then risen to success! If you wish to explore more, here is the link to an awesome website by Richard ‘Bliss’ Brooke, author of ‘The Four Year Career’. He has been tirelessly educating others that it is possible to retire in just four years!

This also reminded me of a Network Marketing leader in our company who says, “The most important part of the journey is making a start.”


Ignorance – Keeping People Trapped

I always doubt how many women really know that Network Marketing can be the most empowering experience that a woman can experience?

Without a good understand of what Network Marketing really is, many people will miss out on the opportunity of changing their lives through this business platform.

This profession is such a simple one but there is another trap!

For those who KNOW that Network Marketing is a legitimate business model, another form of ignorance can get them trapped. They are ignorant that they can be developed into a leader!

Deceptive Failure Rate

Those who are educated about what this profession REALLY is have a chance of living a totally different (and better) life… but many get trapped by the high failure rate in this profession.

Stressed Businesswoman Under Attack At Work

Empowering Question to ask:

How can I learn to do the right tasks that successful network marketing leaders are doing to get to where they are?

Dis- empowering thoughts include these:

I am from another country, may be this is not for me?
I have limited education, I am not sure if I can learn the skills to be successful?

I have seen so many others fail in this industry, I believe it is wise to stay away from it!

Success Tips

Remember this Empowering Question:

How can I learn to do the right tasks that successful network marketing leaders are doing to get to where they are?

Make a wise choice and succeed!

Educational Webinar

Here is your chance to get educated!

Click here to register for this free webinar and be empowered.


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