MLM & Ignorance – ‘No Time’ Part 3

A while ago, I started a blog post talking about Network Marketing as “A Better Way” for the future. Yet many people still have quite an attitude towards this industry. I truly believe that some people do not choose to embrace this business model simply because of their perception of what Network Marketing is. If you would like to start reading from this series, click here. Otherwise, just read on 🙂

Not having enough time to take on the business is one of the biggest mis-perception. In my last post, I talked about the time factor involved in ACTUAL RUNNING a Network Marketing business. 

I trust that I have given my readers a nice ‘alternative’ to what is in their mind. The very time-consuming and often frustrating way of promoting products or services is an outdated model.

Life doesn’t have to be that harsh!

Now, let’s look at the Training Time required!

Do we have to attend training sessions?

What about hours and hours that needed to be put into learning basic skills?

Training in Network Marketing

Most people’s perception about training is that they have to physically attend training sessions. This is the ‘normal’ style of learning experiences in our formal education.

However, are those essential? No. Training can now be done via conference calls, webinars (seminar done online, in case you are wondering what this is) or via Skype.  Recorded conference call or webinars and online membership training sites allow individual members to learn from the comfort of their home. They can also learn at their own pace.

For a new distributor to learn the BASIC skills to get started, he or she does not have to go through a 4-year university degree. As I have always mentioned, the technical know-how part can be easily mastered by a 10 year-old.

The new distributor have to learn how to INVITE and answer some key questions that will come up. That’s it in the beginning. If you remember I talked about ‘tools are KING’ in my last post, you can probably pick up the idea that new distributors do not have to learn how to give sophisticated answers to questions relating to nutrition, ingredients, scientific knowledge or anything about finances. All the distributor need to do is to learn where to point the prospect to for more information.

Boy! That was a hard journey for me and some of my team members some 7 years ago! We were good at talking about the health benefits of certain ingredients, what are the really horrible nasty ingredients that we should absolutely avoid in our toothpaste, shampoo and other skin care products! We had some good naturopaths to refer people to. We invited guests like crazy to health-related seminars, sometimes travelling as far as an hour by car, in the evening!

You get an idea! A lot of time was required! No wonder so many people still have this perception that a lot of time is required!

The Actual Training is in the Doing

Today, I have my new distributors started with a one-on-one goal setting session. It is then followed by a “Game Plan’ session to work out how realistically the new team member can fit in this new business into his or her life.

Starting with a list of 50+ people and some basic training, new team member can start inviting people to review information (CD, DVD, website or to home or hotel meetings) in the first week.

While I use personal one-on-one mentoring and coaching,  the whole team rely heavily on Training System created by my mentor! That is, new distributors learn from our team’s own training and marketing site.

As good as those tools are, role play is often needed to get new distributors confident enough to take on the new role. This is where personal coach and mentoring play an important role. Everyone’s situation is different. For example, I have a more skilled team member who is already skilled in connecting, asking questions and following up. The additional training is focused more on ‘asking for a sale’ and time management.

Using this same example, I would like to make a final point:

The actual training is in the DOING!

That is , she learns best by actually be ‘in the field’, calling friends and doing the basic steps of connecting – prospecting (when appropriate) – following up – asking for the sale.

Earn as You Learn

What is  good about Network Marketing is that the new team member earns as he or she learns how to refine the basic skills. This ‘Earn as You Learn’ business model is powerful.

Once there is one enrolment, the new team member would be excited and just need to repeat the same process. Gradually, that new member would have a small team of members. The monetary reward then comes to a point when this leader is having the products for free. From that ‘break even point’ onward, the business will be operated on ZERO overhead.

Who wouldn’t want to stay on a business when there is NO overhead involved? And… the DOING and TRAINING can be weaved into the day-to-day life?

Anyone who is willing to work the system gets paid.

Examples of Proven Systems

Just so that we are on the same page, click here to take a look at the system that our team uses.

For people who are more keen to build the business using online tools, here is the system that I am using.

Sharing is Caring

I would love to hear from you if you have a proven system that is working really well for you.

What about sharing the kind of training that your team have had that you can attend even if you are a stay-at-home mum with young children?

What about managing the time committed to training? Can you remember what worked for you to enrol your first new team member?

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