MLM & Ignorance – Part 2 (No Time)

For those of you who are new to my blog. This is a brief introduction about what is happening here. I have been wondering why there are so many people who would not want to embrace a network marketing opportunity. I have been sharing my own ‘EIEIO’ perspectives. This is the second part of ‘I for Ignorance’. If you would like to start at the very beginning, click here. If you just want to read part one of  ‘I for Ignorance’ , click here.

Ignorance about Time

Many people, especially those who have tried Network Marketing decades ago, believe that they can indeed be successful in this profession NUT they need to invest plenty of time. The main reason is that while they quitted, their friends stayed on and are now making good money. He know for sure that the business model works.

Those people are the most likely ones to say they don’t have the time. Why? Their friends had to fight really hard then to make the business work for them. In their mind, success is related to extremely hard work! Very often than not, their perception is about having to chase their friends and relatives too. 

What they experienced was a valid experience. However, is this applicable to toady’s network marketing scene?

Online Network Marketing

This area was totally new to me about three years ago. Until 2009, I had been building my business in the real world. It was only when I was exploring other means of generating my own leads in 2010 that I realized that we can do a lot online! For example, we can use online advertisement to have people coming to us and explore our business opportunity. This is of little difference to advertising in newspapers and magazines except that the advertising is done online.

Then, I realized that some Network Marketing leaders were ranking high when I Googled for terms such as ‘MLM leads’ and ‘MLM lead generation’. Those searches led me to many online training and marketing platforms. From there, the whole new world was opened! There are actually a lot of success stories about people becoming successful because they have made use of the internet wisely. Work Local. Grow Global. Thanks to the internet!

As a distributor who did network marketing using only the traditional way, I struggled a lot in having my ‘online marketing funnel’ set up. After the initial set up, how much time do I spend online? just an hour or so a day! My estimate is that most successful online network marketers would be spending less than 20 hours a week on their business.

Does it mean that we have to be online to do this business? My answer is ‘No’.  Traditional network marketing still works!

In term of lead generation and duplication, the online option has a clear advantage though. If you would like to take an insider’s look at the online training and marketing system that I am using, click here for more information.

Traditional Network Marketing

Okay, you may be thinking can I still succeed in network marketing without doing things online.  Yes!

Here are just some PROVEN options to consider:

1) Inviting friends to your own in-home small group presentation – with sponsor’s support initially

2) Inviting prospects to hotel meetings or other corporate events organised by your MLM company or support team

3) Having intimate in-home ‘Party Plan’ for sharing your products and/or business opportunities

4) Having one-on-one coffee chat with prospects

5) Having a prearranged 3-way call or 3-way meet up with your support team leaders (may be your sponsor or another leader higher up in the team)

6) Sharing by phone or emails (using websites or audios or DVDs as tools)

7) Business networking or other community events + follow up by face-to-face or phone calls

8) Contacting new friends through referrals (from friends and/or happy customers) 

Time Involvement 

As you would probably have picked up from the above, a 10-hour week is good enough to launch a decent well-structured ‘Game Plan’ (Business Plan)

You can probably gathered at as your time management skill improves, just 20 minutes a day here and there can work wonders! 

During the years 2006, 2007 and 2008, I was studying full time at University. I attended University on average 3-4 days a week. I have a family, a few pets and this MLM business part time. I managed to grow my group to a modest size with a few key people doing business on a very part time basis as well. I managed to keep on receiving monthly pay cheques from my company even though later on my team was to become stagnant because of my shift in focus. I made a wrong decision then to reinvent a brand new training program for my team (for easier duplication). Boy! that was a HUGE mistake! 

Okay, back to time involvement. Is a few hours a week enough? Yes! I have proven it. Many other leaders also started as a part-time distributor!

The No.1 income earner in my current company actually started as a stay-at-home mum who simply wanted more money to supplement the family income! When her husband notified his bank of his leaving the job, some of his colleagues were concerned about his financial future! Not every one knew that his wife was generating great money from this business as ‘just a stay-at-home mum’. She is one of the most inspiring figures now in my company! Her success tips is the ‘Help 5 to Help 5’ model – meaning that we really have to focus on finding out who want a business like we do. Focus on developing them. That’s it.

Next Post – Training & Learning Time

I hope that I have given my readers a nice ‘alternative’ to the very aggressive type of marketing that you have seen or experienced.

Life doesn’t have to be that harsh!

In my next post, I will be covering the time factor involved in running a successful Network Marketing business.

Do we have to attend training sessions? What about hours and hours of learning the basic skills?

What about a ‘Earn as you Learn’ model?

Stay tuned!


I’d love to collect more real life success stories. If you are running a successful network marketing business using only part time efforts, I’d love to hear from you!

What about sharing your story about the transition from part time to full time in network marketing?

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