MLM Myth: MLM will cost me losing my friends and relatives

“Doing MLM (Network Marketing) will cause me losing my friends and relatives. I don’t want to do that.”

This is one of the most common excuses that people are not taking the MLM opportunity offered to them. Thanks to this myth! There are SO MANY people still believe that this is the case even those many leaders have shared how they APPRECIATE MLM because they have made great friends. For some people, the friendship further developed into lifelong business partnership or even marriages!

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Losing Friends Can Be Avoided

I can certainly understand why so many people believe that doing Network Marketing would cost them losing their friends. If you were to do a survey on failed network marketers, you would most likely find many cases of losing friendship. This could be the very reason why those network marketers failed in the first place.

I believe that they themselves were not fully to blame for their failure.

Unfortunately until this date, there are still many network marketing recruiters who target each and every person they come into contact with. They usually do that because the person who introduced them to the products or business tell them to make a list of ALL the people they know. They are taught to prospect each and every one without going through some meaningful dialogues.

Losing friends or relatives can certainly be avoided

When one is doing Network Marketing PROFESSIONALLY, losing friends can be avoided. The skilled network marketer professional does not necessarily have to share the products or business opportunity with another person. Whether or not a person will be asked to review more information depends on the responses to the network marketer’s questions. The network market’s role is to find out if there is an issue that the MLM company’s products or business model can POTENTIALLY solve.
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For example, when a friend of a professional network marketer mentioned about having terrible headaches for months, the caring network marketer would ask what have been done to address the issue (if any action has been taken at all). When the friend answers that she has exhausted every means to find a solution, the network marketer may be asking her if she has heard about a combination of herbs that might help.

Big Secret

Often, here is where the trouble happens. The herbs have the POTENTIAL to help the friend to get rid of the debilitating headache. Yet, does the friend BELIEVE that the herbs would help? Even if she does believe in the success stories (testimonials) and the literature provided, what if she feels that the products are too expansive… and that she’d rather save the money on other things such as children’s education or vacations for the family?

It is not too difficult to understand that if we do respect the ACTION CHOSEN by our friends or relatives, we will not risk losing them!

For some people who are too emotionally attached to the idea of BEING ABLE to help their friends or relatives, this is an issue.

Sadly, this is why they may end up losing the friendship or relationship AND failing in the MLM business.

Wants v.s. Needs

To avoid going down this path of misery – for the network marketer and the friends or relatives involved – a crucial skill needed to be developed.

One need to be able to distinguish if our friend or relative NEEDS what we can offer AND THAT THEY ALSO WANT IT.

Failing to learn this critical skill will certainly result in losing friends and relatively!

Training Is Crucial

To conclude, network marketing must be done PROFESSIONALLY. Otherwise, this myth will continue to exist in this MLM arena… and that is a shame!

Do not blindly follow any ‘leader’. There may be a price too high to pay!

Can you share some of your mistakes as taught by so-called MLM leaders?

I look forward to having more discussion relating to this real life challenge.

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The Business Mum
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