MLM Myth: No-one Really Gets Rich in MLM

I guess this is the most obvious myth of all. You just have to Google to find out some names of very successful network marketing leaders in the past few decades! Some of these million dollar earners are still actively involved, educating others about the very industry that has helped them to achieve true abundance in life.

Many of them have created their own training materials or membership website so that many more people can benefit from the tough time that they have gone through. Their knowledge and experiences have helped to produce even more torch bearers of this awesome profession.

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There are just a handful of these amazing leaders who have left wonderful footprints on my own MLM Success Path:

Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter – Click here for his ‘Fortune Now’ site. You can also click here for more information about his contribution.

Mark Januszewski – Training site here.

Margie Aliprandi – Click here for her site.

Jerry ‘DRhino’ Clark – His site is here.

Dani Johnson – Her amazing success story is here.

Eric Worres – His MLM advocate site is here.

Tim Sales – More about his work here.

Kim Klaver – Click here for her site.

Jeffrey Combs – His site is here.

Lisa Kitter – Online training and inspiration is here to find.

Ray Higdon – Click here for his daily success tips.

Top MLM Earners in 2013

Click here for many more names of the top income earners who have created an abundant life using Network Marketing as the platform for wealth creation.

ANYONE Has The Potential To Get Rich in A Legitimate MLM Business

The truth is ANYONE Can Get Rich in MLM….but not everyone is WILLING to put in the time and efforts to get the mindset and skills right. Getting rich involved a lot more than being able to collect customers or enrol business builders.

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The right mindset is CRUCIAL. It allows the network marketer to stay in the game at the beginning when the rewards are so little. With the mindset of an employee, MLM is simply not worth doing because the hours put into the business can yield better monetary return doing other jobs or businesses.

Yet, entrepreneurs understand that they will be underpaid in the beginning but ridiculously overpaid for the rest of their life because of the concept of ‘leverage‘. If you wish to get educated about the power of leverage, I suggest you to watch Brilliant Compensation by Tim Sales. Click here for the video. Or, visit my last blog here.

My Gift to You For 2015

I sincerely hope that this blog alone will get you thinking – perhaps succeeding in Network Marketing is a lot simpler than most people believe; perhaps you too can start TODAY and get yourself educated about how to win this game.

I sincerely wish you Success in Abundance!

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