MLM Myth: People are in just for themselves

Hey welcome another blog about MLM myth. For many people, they do not wish to be perceived as the person who is selfish or greedy. It is therefore understandable that when they believe that Network Marketers are people who are in just for themselves, they rather not get involved even though they believe that there is money to be made.

Refused To Be Perceived As Greedy

I have actually come across people who like the company’s products but have an issue opening an account (so that they can buy the products at wholesale price). This is a shame. Subconsciously, they may not wish to be perceived as the greedy lot who only care for themselves!

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If you have ever had negative experiences with network marketers, you may have indeed come across those people who really ARE in the business for themselves! Those are the pushy and manipulative people who want to enrol others so that that can get paid.

Typically, the potential customer can feel the pressure to buy or join the company.

The result? The potential customer may buy products but regret later. For people who are looking for a business opportunity, they rarely join the company because most people do not wish to treat others like how they have been treated.

In short, this type of ‘sales skill’ doesn’t work!

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People do not want to be pitched and sold to.

However, people DO wish to find out more about stories that interest them!

This is why when the focus of the network marketer is on themselves, they fail.

Instead, when they fully focus on the OTHER person and the goal is to find out if they can solve the other person’s problems (if any), they often get the sale easily.

Prospecting Tips:

1) Good Intention – 100% focus on this agenda – to see if there is anything at all that we can help.
Recently, I have been able to help a lady who is over weight. She was referred to me by one of my team leaders. This lady has been wanting to do something about her weight for about a year. She finally decided to start our 90-day Weigh Management Program. Let’s look at the TIMING here. She was ready to do something to be healthier.

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Let’s look at this possible scenario:

What if I were introduced to her a couple of months ago? Even though she might be considering to do something, she was not ready to start doing anything yet.

A professional network marketer would RESPECT her choice and let go of the outcome. He or she would continue to be in touch until a later date and time when the circumstances is right.

Many successful network marketers would agree that it often takes a number of ‘No’s before a particular prospect finally say ‘Yes’.

With great rapport and relationships, follow up calls will be seen as a service to them as the professional network marketer has never pushed for a sale in the initial or previous meetings.

professionalism (the dictionary project)

Here is the key – “PEOPLE ARE IN JUST FOR THEMSELVES” also applies to our potential customers!

This lady friend who have started the program is motivated in having herself getting back in shape and better health!

If I were to contact her a couple of months ago, she would have said ‘No’. At that point, was it likely that she would care about how I did not make a sale?

2) Arouse Interest

The use of benefit statement is helpful – eg. I can show you a way for stay-at-home mums to earn extra income, working from home, so that they do not have to worry about the children’s education.

The use of SKILLS to trigger interest is even more powerful – eg. I just found out how stay-at-home mums can pay for their children’s education, working part time from home, with no debts and no stress.

If I were to admit that Network Marketers are in for themselves, I’d say that SUCCESSFUL Network Marketers are in for themselves as well as for a BIGGER reason. In this case, they want to share how other mums can benefit by building a MLM business part time, from home.

In the above case, the professional marketer is to help mums who are serious in creating supplementary funds for their children’s education. The mums join the business because they want a BETTER future for the family.
Theft of intellectual property

Are all mums in that category? Obviously no!

By arousing interest and articulating well what they can do to help others, the professional network marketer attracts the right potential customers or business partners.

Your feedback Is Welcome

I’d love to hear feedback from you.

Is this MLM myth stopping you from even exploring what is possible for you and your family’s future?

If you have that mis-perception, I do hope that you can reflect on what is discussed here. Hopefully, you will also embrace this awesome business model in future.

If you feel that a business model that ANY mums can take advantage is worth sharing, please do so. Thanks!

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