MLM Myth: People in MLM are like a cult

Welcome to this blog. We having been talking about how some people may have perception that may not be serving them. Some of the myths are so powerful that some people do not even wish to explore how network marketing (MLM) might benefit them. The purpose of my blogging is to debunk the belief that people in MLM are like a cult.

Despite that Network Marketing (MLM) is a proven and legitimate marketing model, some people still have issues with accepting it. For the skeptics, the MLM people seemed to have been brain-washed. They tend to be overly enthusiastic with their products or business opportunity.

Some are very strong advocates of the products. For others, they also see the benefits of this franchise-style business model, embrace it and make a great career out of it.

Can you imagine someone in either of those situations not sharing with their friends and loved ones?

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The “Product Lover Cult”

One of the reasons is that some network marketers have benefited so much from the product experiences that they simply cannot stopped talking about the products.

I can still remember when I was first introduced to my current company, a lot of people whom I met at the regular meetings were the more senior people. They were those who had experienced great results from the products and felt fantastic being able to share and help others. They were pleased to be around with other friends who also had their health challenges ‘fixed’ simply because they put back the nutritional supports that their body had been missing!

For a person who do not believe in the value of detoxing our body and the role of nutritional supplements, those people who eagerly share their stories do seem like belonging to a cult. I have noticed again and again that some people have shed tears when they mentioned about their initial health challenges! Often, they have successfully shared their story and introduced other friends or relatives to the products.

From just one family loving the products, then, there are two, three, four…and many more!

This is how the “Product Lover Cult” is formed.


The “MLM Business Builder Cult”

As some of those really happy and caring distributors shared their stories and passion with others, often they faced challenges.

One common challenge is that most people are not a great sales person. When they do share with others who have YET to have enough trust in them, they are perceived as a person who just want to sell them the products. At this point, many people feel that the rejection is too much to bear. They just stopped sharing.

Hence, some happy customers remain just happy customers. They are not sharing the positive product experiences with others unless the other person ask them first. Under such circumstance, they feel comfortable to do so because they do not see themselves as ‘selling’.

For other happy customers, they feel morally responsible to share such a brilliant business model, one that ANYONE can start embracing if they choose to!

Some of those people step up and learn the necessary skills so that they can FINALLY able to articulate what they do professionally (without pitching others). They attract those people who seek to know more about the products or to get involved in what they do (as a business).

To the people who appreciates the business opportunity, this is an AWESOME CULT. They are immune to any negative comments, rejections or objections. They just keep focusing on what they know work!

For those who do not appreciate the power of teaming up to make a greater impact, the network marketers are members of the “MLM Business Builder Cult” who have been brain-washed.

weg in die zukunft

MLM Success Tip for The Day

It is the cult-like attitude that make the potential leaders UNSTOPPABLE aspiring leaders.

From aspiring leaders, true leaders emerged.

From true leaders, successful MLM “Cult” Leaders build a strong distribution organization of hundreds and thousands!

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Let’s keep the discussion going!

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