MLM Myth: This Business Is NOT for Serious People

In my last blog, I mentioned about one of the most obvious myth about Network Marketing – No one really gets rich. If you wish to read this blog, click here.

In many people’s eyes, Network Marketing is typically about friends sharing favourite products through party plans. This means that it is ideal for stay-at-home mothers who can earn a few extra bucks by inviting friends home for a party. For many people, this is a wonderful way to bring in a little pay cheque as some friends may wish to purchase some of the products as recommended in the party/home gathering. This is a very common way of doing Networking Marketing for jewelleries, candles, skin care and home care products.

Holding small scale parties may yield small pay cheques for each party, the power of this proven business model lies in the concept of ‘leverage’. For serious business builders, they do not just hold parties themselves, they TEACH others how to hold parties to their own circle of friends. The effectiveness lies in TEAMWORK.

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Small Parties. Big Successes.

Recently, there was a lady in our company who joined simply for the weight management products. After achieving amazing results, she simply could not stop sharing. From there, more of her friends who joined shared. And… some of their friends shared…

The good news is that distributors like her are not restricted to holding parties. She just could not stop sharing the amazing weight management system that worked so well for her and her team! She has embodied Network Marketing as her way of living, sharing has bocome part of her lifestyle.

Within two years, she reached the rank of Diamond which means that she has helped 9 people to achieve some level of success. The total business turnover is the result of the ALL the party plans that happened in her group PLUS all the individuals who had been continuously sharing effective products.

Can you imagine the the ripple effect created by such simple action and teaching?

Party Plan is NOT an exclusive method in doing Network Marketing

For MLM leaders, they fully understand the power of ‘leverage‘. Party plans are great ways for generating new contacts (leads) that lead to more sales. The sales organization is continuously growing due to ongoing simple activities.

To get true leverage, it is important to enrol QUALITY potential leaders. This means that leaders love to have people purchasing the products AS WELL AS wanting to do the business. This way, the leaders themselves do not necessarily have to go on ACTIVELY sharing the products with others. They strategically help others become leaders. Their leaders do more parties and teaching.

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For Serious Business Builders

Another good news is that for serious business builders, they do not have to use party plans to generate business and leads. Many serious MLM leaders build their business through 1-2-1 coffee chats. This is also my personal favourite.

More and more leaders are now using social media platforms to share their product or marketing messages. This can be very powerful as the right potential buyers or business partners can find the leaders more easily. After the initial connection, leaders still go through the crucial stage – finding out if the desire for wanting the products or the business is sincere and strong.

In a 1-2-1 meet up, with the right skills, we can find out exactly whether a new distributor is simply wanting to purchase the products, to have products for free, to earn an extra income or to achieve true financial freedom.

This is the beauty of the direct sales industry. Each business transaction is the result of personalized customer service!

By treating the MLM business seriously, many people has achieved the ultimate freedom that they deserve. If you have missed out on my last blog, you can click here for the names of some very successful MLM leaders.

Leverage In Action

Please leave a comment if you are doing Network Marketing and is experiencing leverage in action.

Our sharing can help others to truly appreciate that each individual distributor can CHOOSE her/his own level of success.

The bottom line is, financial freedom is possible through this business model. It is NOT a chit chat mummy party when the distributor DECIDES to treat it as serious business and give the commitment and efforts required for any business to succeed.

PS: If you have missed out Tim Sales’ video training about leverage and teamwork in MLM , you can click here.

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