MLM Myths STOPPING You from Succeeding

After a 6-month break from blogging, I am excited to get back to my weekly blogging routine! I am happy to start this year knowing that my first book about Network Marketing will soon be released. Meanwhile, I will continue to share knowledge and insights that I have gathered in my 10-year bumpy Network Marketing (also known as Multi-Level Marketing or MLM) journey. This means that your journey can be a lot easier and happier.

This site is designed to help ordinary mums and dads to understand that there is a brilliant business model that has allowed many people to live their dreams. Those who become successful often talk about about “Success is a Journey“. Along the journey, many leaders appreciate the Personal Development involved which made them the great leaders they are. Unfortunately, there are myths about this industry that have been stopping hundreds and thousands of people from STARTING the journey.

How can one reap the benefits without first starting the journey?

Despite so many successful stories all over the internet, it intrigues me that so many people are not assessing this awesome industry with a fresh pair of glasses.

The purpose of this series – MLM Myths STOPPING You from Succeeding – is dedicated to those who still have a curious or resilient mindset. May the spark in their eyes help them to explore what might be stopping them from embracing this much loved profession by those who really understand it.

Have you ever wondered why the author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” Robert Kiyosaki calls this profession “Business of The 21st Century”?

Why is that business leaders such as David Bach, Robert Allen, Jim Rohn and Donald Trump all speak respectably of Network Marketing?

Could it be possible that some myths out there are confusing you from recognizing a better business model, a better career path?

Let’s dive in now!


Here are the Top 10 Myths that I will be addressing in my blog for the coming weeks:

1. Pyramid Scheme is an illegal structure.

2. Many MLM companies are scams.

3. Only the people at the top make all the money. It is NOT a fair way of making money!

4. No-one really gets rich in MLM. It is a mummy chit chat business model or party plan model that is NOT for serious people.

5. I will cost me losing my friends and relatives.

6. I have to spend a lot of time and put my life out of balance in order to achieve success.

7. I can’t sell. This is not for everyone!

8. People are in just for themselves.

9. People in MLM are like a cult. They have been brain-washed.

10. The Business model doesn’t work due to market saturation.

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Pyramid Scheme is an illegal structure

According Fair Trading NSW, pyramid schemes make money by recruiting businesses or people rather than by selling real and legitimate products or services – even if a product or service is involved. In a pyramid scheme, participants are often asked to make a payment, known as a ‘participation payment’, to join and are promised payments for recruiting other investors or new participants.

Many people have issues with this type of organization structure. However, this type of organization structure is everywhere! There is nothing wrong or illegal about this structure!

Let’s look at the structure of a corporation – the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is at the top of the pyramid, followed by heads of department, then upper management, middle management, lower management, supervisors and than other general staff members. It is clearly a pyramid structure that allows the corporation to work efficiently.

The truth is, there are always more capable and experienced network marketers at the top. They are the inspiring leaders who are the pillars of the network marketing company.

Nurturing Talent ConceptThey demonstrated how to be successful. They have developed other leaders who in turn train and support other newer leaders. That is, the whole organization looks much like a pyramid as the new team members are always at the bottom of the organization.

Is this an issue? You can be the judge?

In my next blog, I will cover a related issue – that many MLM companies are scams. Stay tuned so that you can get to the truth. The truth can set you free – allowing you to review any network marketing opportunity presented to you as it is, not as what many others’ perception of it.

Until then, I’d love to hear from you?

Have you ever had the negative perception that MLM is a pyramid scheme?

Has that perception stopped you from exploring further?

Which tools (if any) have helped you to truly understand that MLM is NOT an illegal pyramid scheme?

Viola Tam – The Business Mum

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