MLM Prospecting – Communication Challenges

Welcome back! Last time, we talked about the “Not Enough Prospects” challenge that many network marketers face. Click here if you would like to read that post. Today, I am going to cover another common challenge -communication.

MLM Prospecting

What is the aim of MLM prospecting?

To establish rapport so that our prospects will be genuinely open to listen to what a network marketer has to offer.

To allow the prospect to go through the interview process.

To allow the prospect to ask any questions that he or she may have.

To invite qualified prospects to take the next step (to review our presentaion – in whatever formats).

MLM prospecting – communication challenges

1. Overly keen on the products or business opportunity

This may result in talking too fast – in TELLING the prospect what are the benefits of the products or opportunity, without first finding out WHY might the prospect want what we have to offer.

This may result in speaking too loud. This may intimidate some prospects, especially the gentle, nurturing type of personality.

This may also result in allowing too little time for rapport building. Our prospects will be less receptive when we are moving too soon into the ‘interviewing’ part of prospecting.

Remedy: Be professional. Adhere to the “What is it in for me?” idea. Put the spotlight 100 percent on our prospects. Ask ‘genuinely curious questions’. You may want to check out what I have learned from Tom Challan here.

2. Failing to pick up clues

It is important to build trust before going into actually interviewing our prospects. It is therefore crucial that network marketers can pick up clues from the answers and tone of the respects’ replies.

  Does the conversation has to go deeper? Can you hear a more relaxed tone from our prospects? If you are doing face-to-face prospecting, you can also pick up clues from the body language.

Remedy:  Train yourself to be an exceptionally a good listener. I cannot emphasis enough about the importance of going deeper as strongly recommended by Tom Challan. Learn the skills. Do role plays with your mentor. Enrol in Tom’s recruiting bootcamp if necessary.  PRACTISE and PRACTISE MORE!

3. Intimidated by prospects’ questions or attitude


Many inexperienced network marketers are not comfortable to prospect because they are afriad of handling objections. Often, they are concerned about what to say, what not to say. When an ‘objection’ does arise, they may feel uncomfortable or even being intimidated by some prospects. This will result in the prospect’s hearing (from your words, tone or body language) that you are not a confident leader.

Remedy: Make sure that you have the COMPLETE Success Blueprint. You know in your heart-of-heart that ANYONE who plugs into the system and is willing to implement the steps will succeed.

Treat the process of prospecting as an interview – you being the CEO of your multimillion enterprise. View questions as ‘Expressing of Interest’ in joining your entreprise. Be professional. Acknowledge that most questions will be answered in the presentation and that you are happy to talk to them again at the follow up session.

Learn to give out brief answers and immediately ask questions to put the spotlight back onto the prospect.

Communication & Mindset

You would probably have picked up that having the right mindset in the basis for great communication.

Do you truly care enough about the prospects enough that you have totally put aside your agenda?

Do you truly believe that your products or business opportunity has the potential to bless others?

Have you mastered all the essential communication skills so that you can serve others better?

Do you see the prospects’ questions as their exploratory journey – to see if what we are offering is something for them?

Discussion Time!

Do you have communication challenges that you have overcome?

Have you been through other communication challenges that I have not covered here?

What have been most helpful in your MLM Prospecting?

Viola Tam

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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