MLM Prospecting – the Number 1 Challenge

In my last blog post, I mentioned about the importance of having a structure for prospecting. I have also covered some of the mental attitude that a network marketer need to have. If you have not read my last blog, please click here.

Structure & Mindset as Foundation

The right structure and success mindset help our team members to prospect professionally, stress-free.

However, we must also master the communication skills for effective prospecting! Not having good commuincation skills is likened to committing suicide for a new network marketer!

They MUST be confident in every step of the prospecting process. They MUST have confidence in handling common objections. They MUST have confidence in ‘closing’ – asking the prospect to buy or join as a business builder. The network marketer’s abilities in all these other areas will affect how the prospecting process goes.

When a new network master has the success mindset and confidence, he or she can follow the prospecting structure. For someone whose communication skills is excellent,  enrollment is the natural outcome. For those who have failed to produce results, the issue is definitely NOT the structure. Everybody in the same team works the same prospecting formula. The issue is often one of the two areas: MINDSET or COMMUNICATION SKILLS.

I shall be covering a lot about communication when I feature the infamous MLM trainer Tim Sales in November.

Let’s look at some MINDSET CHALLENGES here.

>’Not Enough Prospects’ Mindset

You may have heard about how network marketing leaders refer to the name list (candidate list/prospect list) as our asset.  The length of our list can have quite an impact on our psychology of prospecting. For example, many new network marketers would have been told to enroll a few key leaders….and then help the key leaders to enrol their key leaders.

Imagine having a list of only 20 people. When the new team member has encountered the first few ‘No’s in prospecting, he or she would worry that there might not be enough people to talk to. This will have quite a negative impact on his/her posture.

Now, imagine your new team member have 100, 200 or even more prospects. Even after 20 ‘No’s, there are still plenty of people to talk to.

Addressing The Issue

Apart from having a list of at least 100 people, there are a number of ways in getting rid of this ‘Not Enough Prospect’ mentality. Here are just some examples:


Fast Start New Team Member to be an expert in Inviting. Learn other skills as they move forward in their MLM business. This ‘small success breeds more success’ model is very powerful.

Help new team members to get trained within 48 hours of enrolling. Train them well on INVITING to meetings or 3-way calls (or something simliar). Help them get started the right way fast!

While the enthusiasm is high and the fear level is low, the new team member can usually convey a positive message to their trusted friends or relatives. This way, the prospects get the chance to review the products or business opportunity (whichever is the prospect’s need). The objection and closing parts can be handled by their more experienced sponsor (or even the key support person further up the support team).

2. Asking for Referrals – Establish a team culture for asking for referrals from happy customers who have been on the product for a couple of months. Here are some possible questions that you may use:

“I am pleased to hear that (product name) has helped you in getting rid of your back pain. Do you happen to know anyone who might also benefit from having this product?”

“I understand that you like (product name) very much as I has helped you in regaining your energy. How would you like to get the products for free?”

“I can see that you are very happy with your skin tone after using (product name) for a while. Who do you know may also benefit from this amazing product?”

3.Creating New Prospects-

This can be done by actively going out meeting new people, going to business networking events OR by engaging with friends online. A more effective way is to give values consistently and promote yourself as the expert in the marketplace – as the “Go To Person” whenever others need products that you promote or the business opportunity that you share consistently.

4. Buying Leads from Vendors ?

While this should be a fast-track to getting prospects who have already expressed an interest in having a home-based business, I personally have not come across a lead vendor that can provide quality leads. Having said that, my experience in this area is limited. I would love to see if any of you have come across some quality sources.

5. Advertising & Traditional Marketing

Although online tools seemed to be dominating the internet, some traditional marketing strategies still work. For instance, flyers can be effective. Home parties is a proven-success model, especially for stay-at-home mothers who have some free time whilst the kids are at school. Advertising in local magazines or papers can also bring in businesses. Many offline advertising channels nowadays include online optons as well. Advertising online can be very targeted. Some network marketers focus primarily on online paid advertising!

Next Post

In my next post, I shall cover some of the common communication challenges. Stay tuned…

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