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In my last post, I have covered the No.1 Communication Quality in Tim Sales’ “Brilliant Communicator”. If you would like to check out that post first, click here.

Today, I am covering the No.2 Communication Quality that Tim teaches – absolute NO distraction when communicating with our prospects.

Fully in Communication

Tim believes that to be able to focus 100 percent on our prospect, we need to be present every moment that we are communicating. I believe that this ‘to be with people’ style of communication is the most respectful way to honour our prospect’s time.

How do we do that? We have to ‘think with’ the prospects. Tim means that not only is that we need to listen really well, we need to contribute to the communication by asking questions. The aim is to place the focus 100 percent on the needs, wants and don’t wants of our prospect.

Absolute No Distraction

Tim covers some very insightful points in his training. He suggests that we prepare our mind PRIOR to prospecting. Saying to ourselves that we are totally interested in the prospect.

For an engaging and effective communication process, we should not be just hearing, we need to think. Distraction can lead to what Tim calls a ‘missed time response’.

In case it is our prospect who is multi-tasking or got distracted, Tim suggests using gentle questions to bring the prospect back to the present. His approach is skillful and gentle, much like a teacher asking questions to a child to get back the child’s attention. It is nothing about who is right or who is wrong. Nor is it about challenging the prospect’s behaviour. Tim actually believes that the network marketer is to take responsibility if the prospect got distracted. He explains that often it is because the prospect is not getting our ideas that he/she gets distracted.  Wow, what an insight! No wonder Tim is the master of commuication.

I believe Tim’s absolutely no distraction attitude has a lot to do with his previous job as an underwater technician.

Other Tips in Minimizing Distraction

Coffee Meet Ups

Having the mobile phone turned off or to the silent mode.

Arrive early to choose a spot with the least distraction. Say, with our back against the wall. Away from the TV or path. There is a lesser chance for the men being distracted by a pretty women…. or, a lady being distracted by others passing by with attractive clothes or shoes. Sorry about the sterotypes in order to make a point.

In-Home Meetings

Having the telephone line unplugged 5-10 minutes before the meeting starts.

Having the mobile phone turned off or to the silent mode. Gentle reminder for the guests to do so too.

Arranged to have a home-meeting without children around if possible. In case this is not possible, make arrangements for the child to be engaging in some quite activities away from the meeting area.

Having a high awareness of the prospect’s attention. Bring back the distracted prospect to the present by asking questions.

Hotel Meetings

Starting on time so that the guests who arrived early will not be penalized. My observation is that some guests tend to be feeling unsettled when the meeting time is passed some 10 minutes or so.

Gentle reminder for the guests to have their mobile phone turned off or to the silent mode.

Arrange a ‘door person’ to make sure that guests coming late will be help up until a particular session of the presentation. In our hotel meetings, we do not normally do this. However, the presenter does request the guests to move to the front of the room. When late comers arrive, they can quietly take a seat at the rear part of the room.

Over The Phone

Many people like to believe that they can multi-task. For example, checking an incoming email whilst talking to the prospect over phone. Tim’s suggestion is that we should stay away from the computer whilst on the phone. The attention should still be 100 percent on the prospect.

When I do prospecting calls, I have my mobile on silent mode. My children are young adults now. I no longer have to be concerned about having them distracting my calls. When you have smaller children, it is wise to make calls whilst they are at school or when you are waiting for them to finish their after-school classes. If the kids are too young, choose their sleeping time as the call time.

In the evnet that you really have to attend to your 4-year-old child, Tim’s way of handling the situation is awesome! Laugh a bit and say something like “I’m so sorry but my son just….It is the cutest thing. Would you mind if ….”  Tim’s view is that if you pretend that everything is okay and use hand signal to send the child away, it is a distracted call.

My Challenges

I found having pets around can be a great distraction. At one time, my dog was jumping up and down just outside the sliding door! I have since then choose to meet up prospects in coffee shops.

Another challenge that I used to have is that I would be carried away by the prospect’s story. We need to ask questions to bring back the prospect to the present subject matter. Maybe this is the mum’s issue. Interesting….

Your Thoughts & Insights?

Have you also had times when you were easily distracted?

Are there any situation where you or your prospect were not 100 percent focused?

What strategies did you use to bring back the prospect to the present?

Please share this blog post if you think that it is of value to others. Thanks!

Viola Tam

Your MLM Success Coach

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