MLM Prospecting – Sure Ways to Fail

Today is Halloween Day! We are going to have some fun here!

I am going to include a few ‘Sure Fail’ ways to scare the prospects away or bore them to death.

‘Verbal Diarrhea’

What this means is that the network marketer is overly enthusiastic about the products or business opportunity. The prospect’s perspectives are not explored. The network marketer is not at all concerned if the prospect is interested in knowing more. Nor is he or she allowing the prospects the chance to express their view points. The worse scenario is that the network marketer is talking non-stop…. Verbal Diarrhea!

For those prospects who do not have the same value or vision, the likely outcome is that they will avoid meeting up with the network marketer again. This is, sadly, a situation when network marketers are clearly losing their friends or relatives!

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Learn to prospect the professional way. Ask quality questions. Focus on the prospect 100 percent. Listen well and pick up other clues to see if the prospect DESIRES what we have to offer. There is absolutely no need to share the products or opportunity with those prospects who are not on the same wavelength!

Focus on Self

The network marketer is totally fascinated by the products. He or she loves delivers their message from their own perspectives. If you are lucky, what you loves about the company is also what your prospects love!

However, do you want to rely on luck? Or, would you rather find out want appeals to EACH prospect?

For example, for prospects who love the idea of nutritional supplements, talking about passive income may not be of interest to them. Likewise, for someone who is keen on making an extra stream of income, focusing on the benefits of the products may not be the wisest way to go about.

Focus 100 percent on the prospect’s UNIQUE desire.

Magic happens from there!

Telling Facts

Some network marketers first joined a company for the fantastic products. It was not really their fault that they did not know how to promote the products.

A novice network marketer often focus too much on learning the facts – about the company, the ingredients in their products, the compensation plan, etc. The facts and statistics may satisfy SOME personality types. Yet, may prospects would have been bored to death. They care about this ONE single most important thing: What is it in for me?

Telling our prospects about facts and figures may not be the most effective way to promote.

Learn how to share the benefits of using the products. Or, share how the business opportunity can help them solve their challenges in life. For example, instead of saying that the products contains this and that, say the product has this ingredient that is beneficial for relieving joint inflammation. Another example, instead of saying getting an extra $500 bonus a month, say how that $500 a month extra can help them with lowering the stress relating to rising electricity bills.

As one of my favourite trainers, Dani Johnson, says, ‘Facts Tell, Story Sell’.

Learn to focus on sharing stories about the benefits of using the products or services.

Learn to share success stories highlighting the benefits of getting involved in the network marketing industry.

Stories of Your Past Challenges

Did you go through a challenging path in network marketing?

Were you one of those scary network marketers who chased after your friends and relatives?

What ONE simple change in prospecting has helped your business grow?

I’d love to hear your stories.

Viola Tam

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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