MLM Prospecting – Tangible Steps & Intangible Outcomes

I have covered a lot of prospecting tips from what I have learned from Tom Challan in my past five blog post. Today, I am going to share my views on the some intangible outcomes of prospecting.

Tangible Prospecting Steps

Many people who first join a network marketing company are keen to learn the actual steps in doing prospecting. There is certainly no businesses when there is no enrollees. Often, the focus is on the tangible parts of prospecting – those various elements such as greeting, connecting, rapport building, asking questions, addressing concerns/objections and arranging for follow up appointments.

There is in fact more to professional prospecting done the Tom Challan way!

Some intangible outcomes are being addressed during the prospecting process.

Intangible Outcomes

I believe that by adopting the prospecting skills as teaches by Tom Challan, the following intangible outcomes can be achieved:

Building Trust – It is through the laser focus on the prospects that rapport is established. As Tom mentioned, when trust is established, the prospects would NOT be not answering our follow up calls. The trust is built in the professional interviewing process.

Perception About Prospecting – Tom’s prospecting process is done in the most professional and efficient manner. The non-intimating manner of the interview sends a clear message to the prospect that it is a simple task to do. It is a step that pretty much anyone can do. Prospecting is not perceived as a pain.

Professionalism – Tom places much emphasis on qualifying who are the prospects that have genuine needs for the products or business opportunity. He also finds out who  actually fits in his selection criteria. By doing so, those who do not end up joining the team are the ones who do not qualify for his time and energy. This way, only  prospects who are prepared to adopt this professional prospecting step will be accepted into the orgainization.

Team Building Made Easy – When everyone in the team is following the same prospecting template, quality people will be enrolled into the team. Team building is about all new team members learning to do the same simple steps.

Prospects’ Concerns

Many people decide not to join a network marketing business because of the perceived difficulties in enrolling new team members. By adopting what Tom Challan teaches, prospecting is an easy to do interviewing process.

With trust established, prospects understands that they will be taught to do simple-to-do steps.

Prospects can experience the professional prospeting journey themselves. They trust that themselves will NOT be perceived as a nasty salesperson that chases after others.

Being a network marketing leader is perceived as a not-too-hard role as new team members can just be a copycat to thier own sponsor (you).

The BIG “Can I Do it?” question is being addressed in this simple prospecting process!

What is Your View on Professional Prospecting?

Are you doing prospecting in a manner similar to what Tom Challan teaches?

Is your prospecting effective in bringing quality new people into your team?

Are the new team members duplicating your prospecting process with ease?

I’d love to hear about your comments 🙂

Viola Tam

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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