MLM Prospecting Tips – Common Mindset Hurdles

In Network Marketing, being able to prospect well is one of the key areas that we must master. I have been featuring Tom Challan and sharing some of the teachings that I have learned from him.In a nutshell, we have to master these areas: CONNECTING, RAPPORT BUILDING (TRUST BUILDING), FINDING OUT NEEDS, DESIRES AND COMMITMENT LEVEL.

Whether or not we would invite the prospect to a presentation depends very much on how he or she performs in the prospecting process. If you have been following my post, you would have noticed that the process is much like a job interview. The purpose of the prospecting call is much like a CEO screening for quality potential leaders to join a business enterprise.

Simple Prospecting Process

You can probably tell that a job interviewing process is not an extremely difficult one to do. I would say that a teenager can handle the task as an interviewer reasonably well.

Why then is that we need to get trained in order to do prospecting well?

My observation is that the dynamic is different. In job interviews, it is the candidate who is asked to be interviewed. In prospecting people whom we connected from networking events or social media, it takes skills in establishing rapports to such a level that our prospects trust us enough to open up. Engaging with prospects at a deeper and emotional level is a step that professional marketers do with ease.

When the skill has not been mastered, it is not easy.

Once mastered, it is as easy as a daily conversation.

Desired Outcome of Prospecting

Once mastered the skill as mentioned, we can invite those who qualify into our team to a presentation. This is a straight forward outcome.

There is another intangible outcome – our prospects trust us enough to take a serious attitude in reviewing the information presented to them. They are happy to re-connect with us at the follow up call schedule.

The most important intangible outcome is having the prospect trusting us as the leader and mentor who can lead them to their network marketing success.

It takes a confident leader with posture to achieve all three desired outcomes.

Common Mindset Hurdles

I have noticed a few common mindset hurdles that network marketers often encounter. These hurdles block the TRUST factor. The result? No enrolment. This is why you may have heard that scripts does not work! Systems doesn’t work! Mentors doesn’t work!

Take a serious test to see if it is YOU that is the ‘doesn’t work’ factor!

Hurdle No.1 – I am NOT good at prospecting!

This is a killer! With such a mindset, how can you convey in your tone that you are a capable and confident leader that your prospects would love to follow?

Prospecting Tips: LEARN how to master this important skill. Keep the focus on the prospect. Let go of any expected outcome. PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!

Hurdle No. 2 – What if I stuffed up? 

No one reaches the expert stage without going through these earlier stages: poor – okay – fair – good – great.

Do not allow the ego to get into your way of achieving your dream!

Prospecting Tips:Expect to stuff up at least 20 to 30 of your prospects! Debrief with your mentor and aim at refining your skills until you can enrol.

Hurdle No. 3 –  Self doubting if YOU can really do this!This is another common hurdle that causes many to be stressed, making them reluctant to go into the process of practising. With this mindset, network marketers’ skill  stays at the NOT okay level. No breaking through = Nowhere near the ‘okay’ stage and beyond.

Prospecting Tips: Do personal development and grow your belief in your own GREATNESS.

If you believe that you are too young, see how other younger people can master this skill.

If you feel that you are too shy, see how another shy people evolved into a leader.

If you think that you have a foreign accent, see how others with interesting accents succeeded too.

Do NOT choose to allow any excuses stopping you from moving forward. Success is a journey. Choose success…and small successes will bring about bigger successses.

My Blessings to YOU

No matter what skill level are you at right now, it is never too late to start improving.

The past has absolutely no relevance in your future success.

My blessings to you is having the wisdom to DECIDE that you will become a master in prospecting.

Then take the learning journey with a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude.

Winners are non-quitters!

Any thoughts and insights for others to share?

Viola Tam

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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