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This blog is about network marketing prospecting. It is one of the very important skills that needed to be mastered. Without the ability to prospect well, our prospects will not be presented with more information about our products and business opportunity. No informed decision can then be made!

Network marketing is a marketing model that rewards those distributors who can bring in sales volumes. Customers or business builders. No business turnover = No commission. Some business = some commission. Large business turnover = substantial commission.

The Prospecting Process

It is a very simple process.

We connect with people, online or offline. We establish enough rapport and trust to have the prospects engage in a 2-way dialogues. We find out the needs, desire and commitment level of the prospects. Those who are potential customers or business builders will be directed to the next step. It may be a face-to-face presentation, 3-way call with our sponsor, a hotel meeting, a recorded webinar, etc. The aim is for the prospect to review more information.

Script? Structure?

Many new team members would feel comfortable when there is a script provided.  A script, however, is not what is is recommended for prospecting.  Why? Reading from the script will make us sound robotic!

Besides, our attention would not be totally on the prospect as we focus on reading from the script.

Having said that, experienced network marketers can usually say the scripted words out without thinking! Why? They have gone through the process so many time that the ‘script’ become part of their being.  That is, they have mastered the skills and can simply say the right words at the right time.

For new team members, a structure usually helps. The followings are the steps that Tom Challan uses:

1. Find the prospects

2. Greet and connect

3. Build rapport and trust

4. Assess wants, needs, desire and commitment level

5. Allow the prospects to understand the simplicity of the system

6. Arrange date and time for follow up call

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Mindset BEFORE Prospecting

To prospect successfully, we need to have the right mindset:

1. Be Positive – Whether the prospect is qualified for our business, it is okay. The products or business is not for everyone. Consistency and persistency are crucial.

2. Not taking ‘No’ personally – not allowing negative responses to impact on our ability to connect with our next prospect. Each prospect deserves our full attention.

3. Be respectful – even though we know that we have the gift (products or network marketing business opportunity) that can potentially impact on others’ lives positively, we accept the prospect’s personal choice.

4. Feel Good about the Prospecting journey – for each prospect, we have the potential to touch others’ lives in a positive manner. Even if our products or opportunity is not what the prospect is looking for, the professional way of doing prospecting would not have worsened the prospect’s current circumstances.

5. Feel Relaxed –  When we do prospecting with the above mindset and attitude, everything is in the flow. Prospecting is easy.

Speak Your Mind

Can you recall the time when you were stressed about prospecting?
What has been working well for you relating to MLM prospecting?

I’d love to hear your story of growth!

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