MLM Prospecting Tips – A Pictorial Guide

Welcome back!

Since 4 October, I have been blogging about MLM Prospecting. I started with what I have learned from the master recruiter Tom Challan. Click here if you would like to start the learning journey. I have also shared some of my own experiences.

Today, we are going to have some FUN here! I am sharing the MLM Prospecting Tips using images 🙂

Mindset – Service to Others

You have the Blueprint for Network Marketing Success and would like to bless those people who are open to this marketing idea.

Have A Heart of Gold

Listening – for Desire & Commitment Level

Qualify For the Right Potential Business Partners

Recruit & Connect to Team System for Success

Everyone is Happy

 Any Thoughts to Share?

Viola Tam

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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