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At the beginning of this month, I started blogging about prospecting tips that I learned from Tom Challan. In my last post, I have also covered some intangible outcomes when doing MLM prospecting the professional way. You can read the first of this blog series here.

One of the success principles that can be applied to all businesses is about having a Success Mindset. In network marketing prospecting, there is no exception!

Given the best prospecting scripts, the most effective recruiting system and the most caring and committed mentor, a network marketer can still face challenges in enrolling even one person into the business if the mindset is not right.

What then is considered the right mindset for MLM success?

MLM Success Mindset

Prospecting is about SERVING

The process of prospecting is no more than connecting with our prospects and finding out how our products or services might be of value to them.

It is definitely NOT about manipulating others’ mindset to get others to purchase something that they do not need or want.

It is definitely NOT about persuading others to start a business that does not fit in with their own core value and intention.

Prospecting is about SEARCHING

Searching for what?

Searching for people who genuinely need AND want our products or services.

Searching for people who are seriously looking for a business that requires minimal investment and can be operated from the comfort of theor own home.

Prospecting is about SPONSORING

As advocated strongly by Tom Challan, recruiting a new business builder into our network marketing organization means SPONSORING them in and supporting their growing journey.

It is the responsibility of the sponsor to assist the new team member to take part in the LEARNING, DOING and TEACHING.

Prospecting is about STEADINESS

It is not about sporatic activities.

It is about being able to carry out prospecting consistently. As most people cannot change their habit easily, this is where Tom CHallan’s Bootcamp comes into use. By committing to attending the bootcamp, a new routine can be established in weeks! It is the steadiness of the daily activities that helps novice network marketers to grow. It is the refining of the basic skills that gets the network marketers to confidence and results.

Prospecting is about SIMPLICITY

Prospecting the Tom Challan means that we do not need to complicate the prospecting process!

Prospecting is simply about doing the basic steps effectively and repeating the simple process again and again.

It may take a new team member weeks before he or she can master the basics. The good news is: once it has been mastered, prospecting is simple!



Stress-Free Prospecting Experiences

Have you mastered the basics in doing prospecting right?

Are you in the stress-free or even fun-filled stage of doing prospecting?

Do you have any insights for sharing?

Viola Tam

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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