MLM Prospecting – Why Tom Challan?

A while ago, I have come across an excellent blog post by Doug Firebaugh who is one of the top MLM Network Marketing Trainers in the world.  He shared his POWER MLM Prospecting tips in his blog. You can check out details here.

Here are his views on POWER Prospecting:

P stands for PASSION

O stands for OPENER

W stands for WHERE (the prospect are)

E stands for ENGAGE RADAR

R stands for REASSURE

Successful Prospecting Ingredients

I have heard this saying that there are no new mistakes in network marketing… only new people making old mistakes and old people making old mistakes.

Successful leaders do leave footprints!

These are the Success Footprints that wise network marketers should be following for anticipated positive outcome.

Let’s look at these evergreen success ingredients in Tom Challan’s prospecting.

Over the phone, our passion in helping others (with the products or business opportunity) needed to be conveyed through our tone. It is the tone of confidence and conviction that Tom can pass on to the prospect on the other side of the phone.

Doug talks about “opening people’s minds, hearts, eyes, and futures to what they can be, not what they are.”. No novice network marketers can achieve that without first going through proper training and real life practice. It is only when rapport is built that our prospects would reveal deeper needs and concerns to us.

Tom is big on NOT having everyone joining his team. He understands the power of duplication. This is why he uses questions to determine if a particular prospect is qualified to join his team. Through the two way dialogue, Tom has his ‘engage radar’ on for people who deserve his time and energy. You can watch his teachings from his video clip here.

Let’s look at Doug’s reassurance factor. Ask any network marketing leader and they would tell you that often prospects’ concern is this BIG Question: Can I Do it?

Tom uses his expertise in connecting and communication to build trust. The prospects know that he has the best interest of the prospect’s future career in mind. By going through the prospecting journey with Tom in that manner, prospects naturally feel that they are listened too. They can also experience this simple way of doing prospecting.

Your Thoughts on Prospecting?

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on prospecting too.

Feel free to share your insights and leave a comment.

Remember Success Footprints? Do contribute, my friend 🙂

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