MLM Sponsoring Tips I Have Learned from Jeffrey Combs

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Here we are to talk about the MLM Sponsoring tips that I have learned from Jeffrey Combs. Jeffrey’s tips on sponsoring is unique. He teaches us to listen with focus. Listen below the surface – for feelings. Listen well in order to sort out if the prospect is asking ‘Why should I join you?’ or ‘How can I get started?’ He covers the mindset, the psychology, techniques as well as our intuition! He takes pride in being able to respond ‘on the feet’ – not following scripts but following what flows to him intuitively!

His key message is: Be a tremendous listeners and SAVE tons of time, effort and energy in chasing the wrong people!

Jeffrey describes Network Marketing as ‘Collaborative Marketing’. Sponsoring for professional network marketers is about looking for good quality people to collaborate and work together. Quality people who has a genuine desire to change the quality of their life will be attracted to us through Jeffrey’s way of communicating with posture!

Be A Tremendous Listener

Here are some of the key teachings from Jeffrey. I believe these can benefit your sponsoring process as they have been helpful to me!

1. Silence- this may not seem like a ‘secret’ as we all KNOW that we have to allow space for the other person. Yet, I trust many people have challenges with this!  Remain silent and REALLY listen even though you *know* and can *sense* what the prospect is about to say. This skill can be learned and mastered!

2. Never Interrupt – another simple yet crucial skill that needed to be fully mastered!  Again,  remain silent and REALLY listen even though you *know* and can *sense* what the prospect is about to say.  This respects other’s right to express what they have to say AND assist with building rapport. Our propsects would feel being really listened to 🙂

3. Without Judgement – without any ‘filters’! This way, we can listen to deeper meanings and other challenges in life. It is when our propsects feel not being juged that they would reveal deeper feelings and concerns. Listen without judgement allows others to relate their hope and dreams to us.

4. Feelings of Being Heard – at least 80% of the conversation should be devoted to listening.  20% in asking questions and answering our prospects questions. This kind of  2-way conversation would open up a more collaborative communication process, allowing feelings to be revealed.

5. Solution-Oriented Listening – Jeffreys is an exceptional network marketer who can quickly figure out if there is a problem in our prospect’s world. Solution-oriented listening opens up possible solutions for our prospects. Some may be ready for change. Some may not be ready yet. Either way, it is fine for a professional network marketers.  For someone who are not ready for a change, no solution can solve their problem. The timing is just not right. Move on!

6. Listen to What is NOT Said – this may sound a bit abstract. We have to take note of the tone, the body language, the vocabuaries our propsects use, etc. Listen from the heart to the subconscious messages that others are sending to us. Jeffrey speaks a lot about listening intuitively and trusting one’s own feelings when listening to our prospects.

7. Resist to Rebut – Typically, people with low self-esteem tend to rebut or react defensively to our prospect’s comments. This skill is a particularly challenging one with people who feels strongly about the need to be right. Jeffrey’s philosophy is that ‘You are right and I will be rich.’ This mindset works magics! If you have not tried that yet, try it! When others do not seem to really understand the power of network marketing, there is no need to argue. Respect them and move on.  Connect with those who have a genuine desire for our goods or services.

The Gift of Attention

Jeffrey concludes that the gift of attention is the one gift that we can all learn. When we listen attentively from the heart, we will be able to respond spontaneously.  When the above skills have been mastered, let the prospecting process flow. There is no need to worry about saying the wrong thing. We can never say the right thing to the wrong person OR say the wrong thing to the right person!

What Are Your Thoughts?

Which particular skills that Jeffrey teaches has also helped you in sponsoring new members into your network marketing organization?

Have you had any experiences with intuitive prospecting as advocated by Jeffrey?

Any thoughts and insights that you would like to share?

Viola Tam

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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