MLM Success – ‘Brilliant Communicator’ success tips

Among Tim Sales’ MLM tools, the Brilliant Communicator CD set is perhaps one of the best training material on communication.

Tim has this unique skill in breaking down essential communication components into 10 qualities. Missing any of those will have our communication with our prospects compromised.

I shall be sharing each of these 10 qualities in this two weeks.

Qulaity No. 1 – Be Interested in the Prospect

This may seem like such a commonsense tips. However, quoting what Tim uses, you will see that many network marketers have not quite mastered this skill.

Here is the example:

When the prospect mentions that he likes playing golf, the conversation can go these two different ways:

(A) Focusing on making the conversation interesting – the reply may be “I play golf too. Actually my wife and I met whilst playing golf…..”

(B) Interested in the prospect – the reply may be “How long have you been playing golf?”

Real Life Scenarios

I’d like to share this with you:

Prospect: “I am a bit concerned about my husband’s job.”

Network Marketer’s perspective: “I know how that feels, my husband was in a similar situation two years ago. You know what, we were…..”

Spotlight on the prospect: “So you are concerned if your husband’s job can be kept. What are you planning to do?”

Another scenario:

Prospect: “I am not a sales person. I do not think this is for me!”

Network Marketer’s perspective: “I know how you feel. I was not a sales type either! You know what? You can always learn. I learned and learned how to talk to people and I can now do a good job!”

Spotlight on the prospect:”I can hear that you feel that this may not be for you. Let me tell you a story. Maggie, my sponsor, was once a shy housewife who could not articulate well when she first started. In order to be able to help more people, she learned to communicate better. For you to share this wonderful product with others, do you feel that you can improve your communication skill too?”

Another scenario:

Prospect: “How much are you earning?”

Network Marketer’s perspective: “Not much at this stage. You know… I am just starting…..”

Spotlight on the prospect: “I can hear that you would like to know how much I am earning. My sponsor is now earning $4000 a week. I am doing exactly what he was doing.

Tell me, George, how much do you want to make in this business.”

Comments on this Communication Quality?

Have you got any real life examples that you would like to share here?

Have your focus been always on the prospect (100 %)?

Or, as Tim Sales, stated in his training CD, sometimes your focus shifted to meeting a particular quota for the month?

Please share this post if you have found the information helpful.

Viola Tam

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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