MLM Success Checklist Pt.4 – Simple System(s) for Duplication

Hi Welcome to our last post on PRACTICAL MLM Success Chcklist!

Why Duplication?

You probably understand the power of a concept called time leverage now that you are reading this post. In brief,  leverage means that instead of you yourself working very hard, you get the results by having a team of people working together for a common goal (moving product or services).

Without time leverage, your Network Marketing Business is like a job. As you work and enrol new team members, you get paid. This is much like a Direct Sales Model where you get “active income”. More recruits, more pay. No recruits, no pay.

Now compare: having a few of your personally sponsored team members doing exactly what you teach them to do.

The Power of Duplication:

This means that each works within their own circle of influence. Together, the team result can be very powerful!

For simple illustration, let’s  look at having just two key leaders. The two key leaders understand well the power of duplication. They each sponsor two into the business and help them do exactly the same. In an ideal case, 2 turns into 4; the 4 repeat the sponsoring of just 2 and turns into 8. Then into 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096…

It does not take a mathematics genus to understand the power!

Duplication is the key to earning ‘residual income’ (or ‘passive income’) .

From a non-monetary perspective, it means bigger impact as the team grows!


How Can We Duplicate?

Simplicity is the key!

There must be simple action steps that new team members can follow to produce the predicted outcome.

“Is it simple?” “Can I do it?” are common questions people ask when deciding if they want to be part of our organization.

Some Proven Examples of Duplication (Offline)

1. Passing out Informative Materials –

Books, CDs, DVDs, recorded webinars, etc… all these can assist our prospects to the business.

+ Follow Up (Phone or coffee) + More Information or 3-way call with your leader

2. Coffee & Chat-

Similar to the above but meet up face-to-face + Follow Up… (as above)

3. Home Meetings –

Presentation one-on-one, two-on-one or group, whichever is appropriate for the prospect

+ Follow Up … (as above)

4. Hotel Meetings –

Invitation to the hotel meeting is one of the easiest way to get new members started. All they need to do is : Invite + Follow Up… (as above)

5. Party Plans –

This is a very popular one for stay-at-home mothers who can make good use of the time when the children are at school. It is a wonderful way to get referrals too. With gift incentive for people who would like to host a home party, consistent work will build up regular party schedules.

System of Online Duplication

Again Simplicity is the key!

The online system must be easy enough for a new team member to duplicate, step by step.

The training material is stored digitally for easy access to every team member.

For example, in the system that I use (MyLeadSystemPRO, MLSP), everyone will be able to receive the SAME training using MLSP’s Training and Marketing Membership site. New members need only to choose the marketing strategy that suits them most. For example, a new person may want to use Facebook discussion forums as the main platform to do business. He or she then needs to learn the proven steps in MLSP.

For someone who prefers to use blogging, there are other specific steps that needed to be followed.

This brings us to an important point….

Unique Strategy for Different Needs

Our new member can choose ONE proven strategy to focus on and learn to master it.

The next thing is to repeat the process again and again.

Some people prefer to do the business online but some still prefer the real world model.

The bottom line is: Follow a Simple Step-by-Step System that is easily for new members to duplicate.


Sharing of Success Strategies

Have you got any success tips to share?

What do your team members duplicate?

Any past mistakes that we should avoid?

I’d love to hear from you.

Viola Tam,

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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