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MLM Success Checklist?

Why do we need the checklist?

Here is my answer – there are specific ingredients that you must have before you can reach for final goal. Missing any of these could mean total failure of your network marketing endeavour! For some less important ingredients, missing them could mean a slow and painful journey. For most people, that would ultimately mean quitting!


4  Success BELIEF Factors:

1. The RIGHT Industry

2. The RIGHT Company

3. The RIGHT Products/Services

4. “YOU”  Factor

While these are important BELIEF Factors, I found myself got trapped because of my lacking other PRACTICAL Factors!

You may be asking – what kind of practical factors?

I’d like you to hear what Brian Tracy talks about Successful People are Action-Oriented and appreciate the importance of “HOW” in Network Marketing.

Here is the short video clip:


 4 PRACTICAL Success Factors:

1.  Actions to REACH or MAINTAIN a 100% Success Mindset

2.  Skills for Communicating and Marketing Well

3.  System(s) for Generating Leads

4.  System(s) for Simple Duplication

I am going to elaborate on each of the above Practical Factors.


Do we need to have a 100% Success Mindset to start with?

No, yet we definitely need to understand that without a Success Mindset, we can never reach our final goal! That is, we need to work towards having one if we are not there yet.


Contradictory beliefs will ‘self-sabotage’ our Mission(to be Successful in MLM)!

The key is to appreciate the importance of a Success Mindset and commit to making it a GOAL to get to the 100% belief mark.


Here are some proven methods that can help:

1. Associate with people who are supporting your goals and dreams

2. Research and gather a list of Successful Stories of MLM Gurus

3. Read Motivational Books and Success MLM Stories/ listen to the audio versions

4. Attend Personal Development Seminars and Workshops regularly

Here are some tips to help you identify if you have 100% in the Network Marketing Industry. Do you have any of these thoughts?

     (a) “I am concerned about doing something unethical if I join this MLM Company.”

     (b) “I do not want to take advantage of the relationships with my friends or relatives for

             my own financial gain.”

      (c) “I do not want to rip off my friends and families to pressure them to buy stuff that they

             do not want.”


For (a). we need to fully understand that Network Marketing is a LEGITIMATE marketing model. There may be unethical independent distributors but the industry itself is a legitimate one. It is HOW we are doing the business that matters!

Tim Sales has produced a wonderful video to clarify this mis-conception, bring inHarvestUniversity trained Professor Charles King into the scene. I will be featuring Tim in my blog in November.


For (b), we really need to ask ourselves why is it that we would like to keep the secrets to ourselves if we have discovered some fantastic products or services. Would it be considered selfish if we decide not to share?

In December this year, I will be featuring Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter in my blog. One of his famous lines is that “everybody is doing network marketing but they just did not get paid for it”. It is something that you may want to ponder….isn’t this thought interesting?


For (c), it is related very much to Tom’s idea. If we appreciate the value of a product or service and is happily spending money on those, what make us think that some other people would not like to do the same?

For example, I had had terrible pain at my left shoulder joint many years ago, I suffered for a while but had the pain TOTALLY GONE after taking some premier supplements recommended by my friend. Here is THE KEY QUESTION:

Did I feel being ripped off by my friend?

NO, of course! Not only that, I THANKED her for recommending such wonderful products to me. I have remained pain free ever since except for a very short period of time when I experienced minor shoulder pain again at my other shoulder. Guess what? The ‘magic’ pills that helped me before helped me again!

I am sure that people can relate to my story! I am blessed to be in a position that I can be of help to others. Stay tuned for my next blog which with cover  No. (2) – Communicating & Marketing Well.


What are your thoughts and insights? 

Any more PRACTICAL Success Tips to share?

Have you got any “How” questions to share?

I’d love to hear your feedback.


Viola Tam,

Your MLM Success Coach

 PS: You can send a email request to me to check out the online version of Tim Sales and Professor King’s animated educational presentation about Network Marketing.

Please quote “FREE online video” as the subject line.














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