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One of the many reasons why many people do not want to do Network Marketing is that they perceive the tasks needed to be done will make them or their friends or relatives UN-HAPPY. They typically do not find meaning in what they do!Little Robot with neutral face

For those ex-Network Marketing leaders whom have eventually given up  growing their distribution organization,  here are just some of the reasons why they stopped growing their business:

  • – the uncomfortable feeling that they have to trick people to come to their home presentation
  • – the tough work in inviting others to home gatherings or company events
  • – the unrewarding experience of teaching and mentoring team members who fail to take action
  • – the frustration in keeping team members motivated to stay committed to their own goals and dreams
  • – the fear of being seem as a pushy salesperson
  • – the fear that once successful, they will have time taken away from their friends and relatives

MLM Success is About Doing it Happily


For a Network Marketing (MLM) Business to be sustainable, it must be built on a SOLID PLATFORM. By this, I mean, having a great company with products or services that are in demand . That is, there are genuine customers even if there is no business opportunity involved. As a network marketer, you feel great whether or not others end up using your products or joining your services.

Say, if you are a healthy conscious person, you have found fantastic nutritional supplements that you love, you have the POTENTIAL to become a successful Network Marketer. You have to decide if you just want to use the products and prefer not to share OR you would love to share with others the benefits that you have experienced.

Most people are quite happy to share fantastic results that can also impact on on other people’s lives.

However, when it comes to making to a decision to take on the word-of-mouth as a serious business, some people will have mindset issues that can sabotage their progress! This means that despite that the products or opportunities are fantastic, and that there are training, mentors and systems in place to ensure their success, they themselves will still self-sabotage. Something is in THEIR OWN WAY!

What's In Your Way Roadblock Barricade SIgn

A Simple Test 

If you are considering joining a MLM company for business,  here is a simple way to decide if you are likely to get sabotaged:

Ask these questions:

Do you care more about actively sharing and promoting your products and/or business opportunity in order to add value to others’ lives?

Do you care more about how others see you in pursuing your goals and dreams?

If your care more about how others see you, you will not be happy in doing MLM.

If you DECIDE to do MLM happily, you must avoid doing all the unprofessional ways of prospecting others or ‘closing’ on others as mentioned earlier in this blog.

Professionals share from the heart, open and honest, and then collect a decision. Click here to get a better understanding of how professionals do MLM.

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