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Welcome to some more success tips that I have learned from Jeff Roberti. My gratitude goes also to Eric Worre who did the interview with Jeff.

Here are some excellent network marketing success tips from Jeff:

Market Products That You Truly Believe In

Jeff learned from Larry Thompson that majority of people in our network marketing organization would be users. Some would be doing the business part time or even just some time….. and that is okay.

I could not agree more with Jeff about this strong focus on the product line.

First, when we truly believe in the benefits of the products, our energy is different when we communicate with others with passion!

Second, premier products that many people choose to use even if there is no business involved means that the business is on solid ground. There is no commission to be paid if there is no customers. Having a high percentage of distributors happily using the products means that the business is not built on sand!

Leadership Is Crucial

Jeff emphasized the importance of the long term vision and strategic plan of the company.  He shared with us how rewarding it was to live out the company vision and had the market extended to new countries. Great corporate leadership often inspire great leaders to step up and steer the company to new heights!

My observation is that growth in well-established network marketing companies can also be achieved by introducing new product lines.

It is through company’s leadership that new markets are opened OR new product lines are added. Both these strategies can help new distributors experience the company-induced growth.

System For Duplication

As the power of network marketing lies in duplication, it is vital that leaders in the network marketing company have proven easy-to-follow systems that new team members can stick to.

Jeff mentioned the word  ‘STICK’….. it is through sticking to the system that new members can REPRODUCE the outcome that leaders have!

It is by sticking to the system much like a franchise system that ANYONE can achieve success. No drama. It is predictable!

Hence, distributors such as stay-at-home mums, professional and people working in health sectors in Jeff’s organization also succeeded.

As Jeff stated, even if he were to leave, everybody would still drink the juice. Solid business turnover. Real commission for distributors.

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Sharing Your Insights

I trust that you have picked up a lot of gems from Eric’s interview with Jeff.

What is the biggest takeaway that you have learned from Jeff Roberti?

Any insights about building a network marketing organization on solid ground?

Please leave a comment and share if you found the informtion valuable.

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