MLM Success – Stretching The Authentic You

Welcome back!Today, I am going to continue talking about the authentic you for network marketing success. If you have not read my last post, I suggest you go back and listen to the awesome interview.

The Original You

Before someone joining a network marketing company, some people are at a stage when they truly know where they are heading in life. They know the deeper reasons why they would like to get involved with a network marketing business. In the case of stay-at-home mums, these deeper reasons may be:

the desire to be home with the kids so that they do not have to be put into long day care centres

the desire to be the children’s best teacher, role model, counsellor and friend during their formative years

-the desire to contribute financially to worthy causes

Portrait of poverty,

the desire for recognition (in helping others be healthy, reach their potential, etc)

the desire for a better future /retirement with passive stream of income

the desire for leaving a legacy to the future generations or even to the world

Most people, however, may not have such a crystal clear vision of where they would like to be. This means that they could be just a mum wishing to get a little pay cheque to supplement the family income. Most people started believing they are ‘ordinary’. Those who have a strong purpose or mission will gradually develop into extraordinary leaders.

This is why this profession is so incredible! By being authentic and honouring what we truly want to achieve in life, ordinary people rediscover their talents and strengths.

The Stretched Network Marketer

Most people who are not in network marketing may not have so many opportunities for growth in their life. Why? There is a lot of comfort in doing the routines.

It is different in running a successful network marketing business.

In order to be successful in network marketing, we need to share the products or services or business idea with others. The reality is, most people that we meet may not need or want what we have to offer. Some people may want to achieve but lack the desire to put in the work.

More often than not, we need to expand our reach to other people that we do not initially know. This may happen through referral or meeting others at various occasions such as children’s recreation activities and other social functions.

This is a step that some people may feel challenging.

In professional network marketing,the stretch is a bit more comfortable as we have learned the skills in identifying who would like to explore more first. That is, the sharing of information is done only when there is permission from the prospects.

Financial planning consultation

Another stretch that needed to be developed is in the final stage of sharing when the professional network marketer is to collect a decision from the prospect. Yes, there are scripts that can be learned…. and they are not manipulative. However, some people are hugely uncomfortable in this particular stage. Why?

Often, there are past beliefs about money that would sabotage the success thought. Even the best scripts are given to a distributor, he or she may have challenges enrolling others. This is where the biggest personal development and stretch needed to happen.

Even More Stretches

As the professional network marketer is growing the team, there are even more challenges. This business is not just about sponsoring good people into the team. It is about how a leader can help to develop other ‘ordinary’ team  members to stretch and discover their unique strengths and talents.

If you are thinking that you may not have that, let me assure you that you do! It is just that you have not recognise those yet!

Word of Mouth

More challenges arise for a leader as more aspiring potential leaders are joining the team. Sometimes it may take months or even years before someone in the team can realize that they too can be leaders. Sadly, for some people, they never come to this realization… and they just quit.

Often, a leader on stage is very different from the  ‘same’ person who joined the network marketing on Day 1. They have stretched and grown into the leader on stage. They are not the same anymore.

MLM Success Tips

Are you willing to stretch the authentic you?

Do you believe that you too deserve success?

Do you have a great mentor that can guide you to where you want to go?

The ‘secrets’ in MLM Success is that you MUST answer ‘Yes’ to all the three questions.

If, your answer to the first questions is ‘No’, network marketing may not be for you.

If your answer to the second question is ‘No’, there is good news for you, You can change your thoughts and beliefs. This is where a great mentor would help.

If your answer to the third question is ‘No’, find a great mentor and excel.

Discussion Time

If you have previously been involved in network marketing but it just did not work for you, could it be that you were not willing to stretch then?

If you have success in this professional, I’d like to hear your success story.

Remember, sharing is caring. Feel free to share this post if you have found value in it.

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