MLM Success Tips: 3-Deep Pattern as taught by Mark Januszewski

To be successful in Network Marketing (MLM), FOCUS is the key. With a strong desire for success, network marketers will push through obstacles, one after another, until they become competent in what they do. 

Let’s see what one should be focusing on.

Before Joining a MLM Company

The focus should always be on the true reason WHY that you would like to do network marketing.

For most people, the reason is having more money. This, however, is rarely the real reason. Unless you yourself can identify the deeper emotional reason(s) why you would like to build a successful network marketing business, the chances of you actually succeeding will be remote. This does not mean that you are not good enough to do this business. This just means that you do not REALLY desire success, though you think that you do.

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For instance, this is a typical story for many mums:

You has been a full time employee since graduation. You wish to transition to be a stay-at-home mother so that you can enjoy every growing moment of your precious new born baby (deeper emotional reason). After exploring some options, you decide to join a MLM company because you really want to be home with your kid.  However, the business seemed to be going really slow as you can only put in a few hours a week into actually building of the business. As a consequence, the monthly pay cheque that you are receiving is way less than the one that you usually get from your boss.

By the end of the maternity leave, you have these options:

1) Going back to your full time work but FOCUS on building your MLM business part time.

2) Going back to your full time work and forget about building your MLM business because you prefer to spend time with your baby in the evening and on weekends

3) Change to part time work and FOCUS on working extra hours on your MLM business

4) Change to part time work to spend more time with your baby BUT do not continue to build your MLM business

5) Quit the job and FOCUS on building your MLM business part time whilst taking care of your baby.


For mothers who have chosen to FOCUS on the continual building of the business, they will reach their goal whether they are a full time employee, part time employee or a stay-at-home mum.

With clarity and focus, they will get what they intent to get.

Just Joined a MLM Company

With the deeper emotional reasons as the ‘anchors’, the mother can stay strong and stay in business when tough time comes.

They have decided to FOCUS on reaching the goal to be with the child.

For those mums who don’t join or have quit, as in scenarios 2 and 4, they have chosen to focus on their parenting journey instead.

There is absolutely no right or wrong answers. Each mum decide which path is best for them.

For those who have decided to stay in the game, what do they need to focus on? Definitely productive activities – learning how to do the business well and prospecting.

Having a Small Team

From about 10 to 20 direct enrollees, there should be around 3 to 4 good people who are committed to building their Network Marketing business. These potential leaders are committed to THEIR own emotional reasons why they are doing the business. You role has than shifted to supporting those aspiring leaders to perform well. 

Your FOCUS is now on effective team building. It is at this point that working at least 3 levels deep is important. 

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When you have a person who has joined the team, you have a distributor.

When you have a team member who can enrol, you have a potential leader.

When you have this potential leader reaching the stage when he or she is able to teach others how to do this business, you have a true leader.

Perpetual Growth & Walkaway Income

When the ‘graduated’ leaders are EACH doing their own team building and team support activities, you have perpetual growth in your business. It is at this stage that your working hours can be significantly reduced to just a few hours a week.

With these true leaders as your business partners, you can truly enjoy a ‘walkaway’ passive income.Hence, it is crucial that the FOCUS is on teaching and supporting the new leaders to be stronger leaders.

Mastering the 3-deep Pattern as taught by The World’s Laziest Networker, Mark Januszewski, is paramount to your ultimate success.

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Your Turn

Have you benefited from what I have shared with you Mark’s ‘secrets?

Mark calls himself World’s Laziest Networker. Yet, you can find a lot of his awesome training video clips online.

Please share your thoughts and insights. Thanks!


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