MLM Success Tips – Action Trumps Fears

In traditional Network Marketing, it is not uncommon to see new distributors joining excitedly, started enthusiastically and then got discouraged within a month or so. 

Like most people, these distributors got excited when they heard that they can work once and get paid over and over again because of the repeat sales. Moreover, the income created can grow exponentially as more leaders are doing the business together, much like the case of owning more than one franchise shop. This multilevel franchise business concept appeals to people who really understands the power of leverage.

Word of Mouth

To the not so educated, this business is exceptionally appealing as the less educated are usually in a lower-paid job. For ladies, the idea of a business model that has absolutely no glass ceiling is also extremely attractive.

However, when it comes to who is willing to pay the price in order to get the reward, not many people do.

At this date and age, many people do understand that Networking Marketing is a legitimate business model that can provide a passive income stream for the future. Not too many people today are concerned about the pyramid schemes that have once plagued this industry. People are getting wiser and educated now. They do their due diligence to affirm if a particular network marketing company is one that indeed have products that are in high demand. In short, people who are genuinely looking for a network marketing opportunities tend to have done their own due diligence before committing to the business.

I'm watching you

Is the company well established?
Is it financially sound?

Does the company has integrity and long term vision for growth?

What about company mission? What benefits can I bring to others should I get involved?

Are the products in high demand? What about pricing? Are they reasonably priced?

Can I earn a good profit if I choose to retail?

All these all valid questions and concerns that prospects should find out.

Successful People Make Informed Decisions

For any person to be successful in anything, the first step is always this one single ACTION – deciding to explore more.


Let’s look at Network Marketing specifically. Assuming that you have heard stories about other stay-at-home mums succeeding in this professional, and you have been wondering if this is something that you might wish to get involved too. People who take ACTION to explore will do their own research and come to a conclusion – whether the business model is for them or not. 

The initial fears in joining a Network Marketing company mighty be that they would lose money or time. There are plenty of stories about people who did not make it work in Network Marketing. For many people, they prejudge if they should take a closer look before doing their due diligence. When presented with potential for owning a successful network marketing business, many people literally do not attempt to open the door to a diamond mine, thinking about what the catch might be.

Why would there be any fears in this step as it is only the gathering of information prior to doing any analysis?

This really intrigues me! People generally do not lose money in the exploratory stage.

Unfortunately, the fact that some people have lost money in previous network marketing attempts has stopped some others in examining an opportunity afresh.

Crazy Zombie Businessman With Dynamite Explosives

Successful people are usually people with high self-esteem. Visionary leaders are great at spotting potential opportunities. Even though they may be busy, they decisively choose to quickly take action.  Action is their habit. There is no room for fear. They understand that AFTER the initial ACTION (of exploring more), they are going to make an informed decision. 

A person with poverty mindset sees a legitimate opportunity with a lot of doubts. In the above analogy, they do not even want to open the door to take a look to see if it is indeed a diamond mine.

A successful person with prosperity mindset sees the same opportunity with possibilities. They decide to take a peep to see if there is any benefit in going through that same door.

How is your mindset functioning?

The human brain

Why would there be any fears in this step when it only involves the gathering of information? Surely, people generally do not lose money in doing that.

Is it worthwhile to invest some time – taking ACTION – so that you too can arrive at an informed decision?

Is Network Marketing legitimate? Is the company that I am looking into a great one?

What about the timing? Is this the right time for me to get serious?

If not, why not?

I encourage someone who is serious about their future to ask these two questions:

“Could it be possible that I might have some preconceived ideas about this profession? Ideas that might not be serving me?”

Objective Analysis

Objectively finding out what the business is is crucial. How can one reach an informed decision without first gathering the facts?

For example, if you believe that it takes a certain types of charismatic personality to make this business work. Find out if those charismatic leaders that you know are always like that? Or have they actually developed into such awesome attributes?

What about the idea that you need to be a talker in order to sell products? What if good listeners actually have a far better chance in succeeding?

What kids hear

What about the whole process of doing well in Network Marketing is not about retail sales? What if it is about a lot of people running franchise-like marketing businesses…and, the better the system is, the easier is business growth?

Would a more truthful evaluation of what Network Marketing really is help?

For sure!

Yet, one cannot evaluate without first TAKING ACTION to explore.

Explore! Explore! Explore!

Should you wish to explore more about this multi-level franchise business concept, feel free to read some of the other articles in this blog.

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If you are someone who has done your due diligence and is now actively building your network marketing business, I’d love to hear your success tips too! Please leave a comment below for sharing.


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