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Welcome to this blog where you can find ideas and discussion relating to Network Marketing (MLM) success.

Having been with this profession for just over ten years, I have much information that I would like to share. I’d say that this is one of the most confusing industry of all in the world. While insiders appreciate how awesome this profession is, many still consider this an awful path that they rather avoid.

Awesome or Awful?

At the beginning of my MLM journey, I have had a difficult time explaining to prospective business partners what Network Marketing really is. The industry has a blemished image that some people chose not to review any information presented to them at all. This was my awful experience!

Awesome things then happened. I am grateful that industry leader Tim Sales created the ‘Brilliant Compensation‘ DVD as a tool for educating others.  When ‘Brilliant Compensation‘ later became available online, the prospecting process has become even easier.

If you are someone who have absolutely no idea what MLM is about, don’t worry. This is the blog that you can explore some insider knowledge. Hopefully, this can help you come to an informed decision if you would like to join this profession as well. Here is the link that you can explore more at your own pace. 

You decide if this industry is awesome or awful.

My Gift to Ex-Network Marketers

If you are an ex-network marketer, this link has the potential to open your eyes to new possibilities in 2014 too.

Yes, this is despite the fact that you did not make it work last time.

Stressed Businesswoman Under Attack At Work

Professor Charles King, a doctorate in business administration from Harvard University, openly expressed his endorsement about this ‘new profession’ in the book he co-authored with James Robinson, a veteran of the USA political and business scene.  Their book “The New Profession: The Rise of Network Marketing As The Next Major Profession” has provided a no-nonsense view of the industry from well respected academics. MLM leader Mark Yarnell, co-author of ‘Your First Year in Network Marketing’, remarks “Charles King has done more to ‘professionalize’ the field of network marketing than any other individual.”.

The wave of professionalism in Network Marketing is continuing until this date. Today, many MLM leaders are contributing to raising the bar for this profession.

Perhaps you have had less-than-pleasant experiences from your last network marketing journey …..

By educating yourself about what is happening in this industry, I hope you can arrive at a decision to see if this is something that you would like to be part of again (professionally, this time!).

Attitude Matters!

Cerveau fort

If your attitude is that network marketing is an illegal ‘pyramid scheme’, you would not want to get involved. Right?

If your attitude is that only aggressive networkers can be successful, you would not wish to get involved if you are like most people who do not want to alienate their friends and relatives. Right?

If your attitude is that only people with certain attributes can be successful and you do not believe that you too can learn the specific skills, you would not want to get started in the first place. Right?

If your attitude is that you can simply enrol a few leaders to do the job for you, chances of you having your own leaders in the first place is very slim!

Attitude matters in that:

With the prosperity attitude, you understand that there are specific reasons why others may not wish to join your business. You can swiftly move on to another prospective partner when someone fail to see the opportunity that you see. By effectively communicating to others, the right prospects will be attracted to you.

With the right attitude, you also understand the importance of sticking to the key action steps that will bring the results. No twisting others’ arms in order ‘to get’ people to review the business. Just connect well and skillfully ask questions to see if others are open to knowing more. Invite people who would like to know more to guide them to imagine what the future could hold for them. The rest is really up to them. 

Professional network marketers stick to these simple action plans and collect decisions consistently.

Action! Action! Action!

I cannot stress enough the importance of having a specific plan of action in order to achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

A goal without action is only a dream.

Be a goal-getter in 2014. Not just a goal-setter.

Here is a short video from my mentor, Dr. Dale Gerke.

You may be wondering…

What specific actions do I have to commit if to make it work?’

Many leaders in our company stress the importance of consistency. A general rule of thumb for our team is that we share 25 educational CDs or websites with potential business partners who genuinely wish to review our opportunity. Do we talk to just 25 people a month to be able to hand out that many CDs? Of course not! You may have to talk to 3 or 4 people before someone would expressed any interest in exploring more.

Eric Worre of Network Marketing Pro is a strong advocate for a 90-day action plan. Personally, I follow my mentor’s advice to go the slower and steady pace. Over time, as my organization grows, so is the recurring income. In my mentor’s case, he was working full time as a dentist whilst he was taking actions to build his network marketing business. After one full year, the income generated was still not an attractive pay cheque. With the crystal clear vision and implementation of the action plans consistently, he has since then built a very successful distribution network. 

The key to the success? Willingness to take appropriate actions in order to achieve the worthy goal.

What action steps are YOU willing to take to reach your goals?

Do you have time management strategies in place to achieve that?

What about mentor? Do you have a great one that is able and willing to help?

Nurturing Talent Concept

Attracting Good Prospects

Network Marketing is a skill-based industry that requires a lot of team work. For a new team member, the first goal is to help another person to see the benefits of joining the organization. Unless that team member has done network marketing before and have achieved some level of success, the new team member typically does not know how to achieve this first step without first getting trained some basic skills.

The new members needed to know the simple system that the team operates. They need to be able to see that achieving success is easy once the basic skills have been mastered. Reaching a decent income is a natural process that would usually take 3-5 years. 

You may be thinking….. those are good new team members. They do the right thing. “How do I find them?”

As a professional, we ‘find’ them by approaching others in a socially acceptable way (online or offline). Then, we apply our skills to find out if our friends or acquaintances are ‘suspects’ (those who do not have a genuine desire to explore more) or ‘Prospects’ (those who are open to reviewing more information). Next step, be a great servant and answer the prospects’ questions honestly. Clarify some of the myths if necessary.

We naturally attract those prospects who can see that what the team offers matches with what they want in life. 

For those who said ‘No’, they have their own reasons. There is no need to argue, beg or chase them.  Respect the decision and keep the focus back to doing the main tasks. 

Success is a process of doing all these right things – connecting with people, prospecting, following up, collecting decisions and team development.

Over to You

It is my intention to assist others to get the insider knowledge of what Network Marketing really is.

If you are also an insider, please share what you know generously.

If you are exploring, feel free to ask questions or raise questions that are of interest to you.

PS: You are more than welcome to request for my e-Book download by filling in the information on the right hand side of this blog.


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