MLM Success Tips – Building a Great Team

In the last few blog posts, I have covered some excellent concepts and training that I have learned from Lisa Kitter Combs through the audio programs that I invested.

Today, I would like to do a summary on some of the key points that I have learned from Lisa.

To be able to build a huge Network Marketing organization, duplication is key. Many less experienced network marketers are so keen to sponsor people into their organization that they want pretty much anybody in. What I have learned from Lisa is that it is wise to be very strict on qualifying people to join our team.

With good quality team members joining the team and each member duplicating the same strict prospecting criteria. That is when magic happens!

Quality Team

As Network Marketing is NOT a get rich quick path, raising the bar to qualify the right people into our team is crucial. With great potential leaders who truly understand the value of sorting out quality people from the masses, team duplication happen faster.

Lisa makes it absolutely clear that in order to be effective in attracting quality leaders, we have to become one first.  She teaches that a Level 1 leader will not able to attract higher level leaders. This seems to be common sense. Yet, how many network marketers have you met who are actual pitching or spamming other more successful leaders?

Become a leader. Enrol quality people. Teach team members to importance of recruiting the right people.

Quality v.s. Quantity

Many people make the Netywork Marketing journey too complicated by begging the wrong people into the team. Having a team of ‘appears-to-be’ key people can only suck our energy away. Ask most successful network marketers and they will share that the success of their team comes from only a few key leaders. Wouldn’t it make sense to follow Lisa’s high power prospecting with posture strategy to enrol potential leaders?

Our team expands as we have key leaders who are doing the right steps to build THEIR team.

To get to the number (quanitity), there are two paths:

(a) You yourself enrol many people

(b) You enrol quality leaders and teach them how to enrol quality leaders.

Which path are you going to take to reach for the quantity that you want?

I have chosen to follow Lisa’s way of prospecting. I am taking advantage of the concept of leverage in network marketing. I hope you do too!

Quality Team, Happy Outcome

My biggest discovery is that with a quality team, we have happy outcome all the time. When faced with challenges, the whole team faces the challenge and continues to grow. Team members come in the organization for strong personal reasons that are big enough for them to keep charging. Can you imagine the joy of being in such a team?

Do you have challenges retaining team members? What about getting team members to duplicate?

What is your view or experience about building a quality team?

Feel free to share your insights 🙂

Viola Tam

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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