MLM Success Tips – Choosing the Right Potential Leaders

The purpose of this blog is to share what I know about Network Marketing from my ten years’ up and down journey. Given that this awesome profession has been around for so long, it is totally unacceptable that new comers still need to struggle unnecessarily.

Of all the great leaders and trainers, I really love Mark Yarnell’s style. He talks about the TRUTH – that there is plenty of opportunities for people to join a Network Marketing company but they need to do due diligence and choose carefully. In one of his blogs, he highlighted two interesting points:

1) Some people choose to join another Network Marketing company simply because their best friend or close relative asked them to join, AND

2) Some highly educated people refused to evaluate scientific evidence and/or professional journal articles and then refused to join a network marketing company that offers quality products to the marketplace.

Isn’t it amazing how people arrive at decisions?

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Can you see that it may not be the most helping idea to approach your friends or relatives who join you solely because they want to support you? What I mean is that they do not join because they can see that by joining you, they too can have a better future.

Network Marketing Success Depends a lot on Team Work.

In my previous team, I felt that I was pretty much the only person bringing in new team members consistently. For a long time, we were a team without a mentor. Later, we did have a mentor who has the great intention of seeing each of us excel. Unfortunately, she herself was not 100% devoted to building a huge network marketing organization. I am glad that I did question the level of support that I was getting then. I am also glad that I have chosen to re-start all over again to build my present team.

Through the years of experience in doing this business, I know that repeating small successes is key to staying in the game. Yet, without leaders who are doing what you do, the success journey becomes a lone effort and the process can be extremely slow. There is no leverage. This is why choosing the right potential leaders to develop is crucial when you want to build the network efficiently.

Choosing the Right Potential Leaders

Network marketing is one of the methods that products are moved through direct selling. Yet, there is a major difference between the standard direct selling such as selling of a high tech vaccuum cleaner that needs demonstration and professional presentation. A salesperson in that context is to promote the product and the product alone to the customers. In Network Marketing, the growth of the whole distribution organization depends on the TOTAL business turnover of the whole team (customers and distributors). You can probably appreciate that customers will not be actively promoting the products to others. They are the best source for referrals. For the whole organization to grow exponentially, the leader of the group rely much on distributors who would like to step up and become leaders.

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Hence, it is extremely important to recognize who are really wanting to build a Network Marketing empire and who are just happy to be earning a little pay cheque as a nice little monthly supplementary income for the family holiday or some kind of payments. Leaders work collaboratively with the willing distributors who are ready to step up and play a bigger game. Leaders do not waste time chasing prospects who has no intention of joining or no intention of doing more after buying products. That is, leaders respect where the customer or distributor’s own circumstances and goals and dreams.

Mentoring – a two way partnership relationship

When I first joined my present mentor, I did what he suggested me to do. Business went reasonably well until I started deviating from his proven system. Instead of using the specific prospecting CD that was created by him, I printed my own business card. I gradually have fallen into what he called ‘My Group Syndrome‘. Luckily, facts speak the loudest.

Looking at the plateaued results and the loving mentoring from both my mentor and his nurturing wife, I was waken up. Now, I am happily back to his simple 4-step system. Can you imagine how I could have gone and complained that ‘This didn’t work’? I have been blessed. Great mentors like mine are there to guide and challenge me. Every day, I am learning to be a better leader for my own potential leaders.

Excuses! Excuses! We all have those ‘excuse moments’. A mentor can help to hold us accountable. Depending on how much personal development have they done, some new members will benefit from the 2-way communication. Sadly, some will not be able to see the blockages that are standing between them and their goals and dreams.

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Are You a Potential Leader?

If your answer to this question is ‘No’, I suggest that maybe you do not really want to achieve the goals and dreams that you said you are going to achieve.

If you are in network marketing, rethink how important is your dream. It may be helpful for both you and your mentor to have an honest conversation again. Mentors can only help when the student is ready to be helped. I like to Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter’s dictum: “Build Leaders. Serve Distributors”

If the timing for building a network marketing business is not right for you, see how your mentor can support you in the way that you want.

If you are exploring network marketing, ask yourself: Are you committed? Or, are you just involved?

Remember, successful mentors understand the importance of working with the willing players. Let your mentor know your goals and dreams. Then trust him or her to support you along the way. That is what great mentor do!

Mentoring Stories

I’d love to hear your stories relating to mentorship.

How helpful is a mentor to you?

How are you helping your own potential leaders?

Let’s share so that all can benefit from hearing the stories.

Feel free to share on other social media if you have found value in this post. Thanks!


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