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One of the main reasons that I blog is that there are still a lot of people not choosing to get involved in Network Marketing (MLM) because they think that they have to chase after their friends or relatives, even random strangers!

How can a person know if a network marketing business is right for them or not?

I trust that the first step is AWARENESS.That is, they need to be aware that chasing friends, relatives or strangers is a proven way for FAILURE in MLM!

An insider’s look at how a successful network marketer actually operate the business can help.

Here is the truth

Network marketers can choose whether or not to share products, services or the business opportunity with their personal contacts.

Here are some of the proven strategies that work:

1). Do Business Professionally-

Go about doing things exactly the same and network. By learning how to share positive product experiences at appropriate time, you will NEVER be viewed as chasing others because you are NOT! You only share more information with people who DO wish to know more. People can feel from their heart that it is genuine care, not pushing ideas onto others.

There are some just a few of the MLM leaders who are the experts in this area – Dani Johnson, Kim Klaver, Michael Oliver, Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter and Tim Sales.

The Challenge: Due to the unfortunate reality that many people have tried MLM as a business and eventually failed because they were not doing it right, their past experiences have stopped them from exploring again.


Helpful Thoughts & Strategies:

Do not allow the past ‘failure’ to impact on your ability to succeed.

Be open to the idea that past failures might not be totally YOUR fault.

Learn the skills to re-approach those friends who have previously said ‘No’ but now their circumstances may have changed.

Humble yourself to learn HOW COME so many others have succeeded in MLM?

What did those leaders do that you did not know how to do (YET)?

2)Expanding The Existing Network

Rather than concerned about ‘going back’ to annoy your friends and families, how about creating new friendship groups? Social events are wonderful places to meet like-minded people.

For those who would like to create better results, business networking breakfasts or lunches is another option. I enrol new customers or business builders (whichever is appropriate) this way.

I picked up more referrals as I expand my circle of friends.  Word of mouth is always the best advertisement.

3) Strategic Alliances

In my company, we have a whole range of wellness products, many distributors are themselves naturopaths or fitness trainers. However, we do not have to be in those occupations to be successful. For example, our team also allies with a great naturopath who can help her clients with their health challenges.  By forming strategic alliances with her, she wins clients, we win customers. This is not only a win-win situation, it is actually a Win-Win-Win one as the clients get fantastic health benefits too. Everyone is happy.

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The Ultimate Choice

There are enough mistakes that other leaders have gone through. You deserve to go the easier way!

It is your own responsibility to evaluate if you would like to embrace MLM again professionally and do it right this time.

Hand pointing at viewer

Doing it the wrong way, it is hard.

Doing it the right way, it is easy.

The ultimate choice is yours to make.

Over To You

I’d love to hear success stories from people who have initially ‘failed’ and restarted again. Please share and keep others inspired.

If you are wondering how you could do it right this time, you may benefit in downloading my eBook ” Navigating The Network Marketing Maze”. Put down your name and email into the box on your right and gain access instantly.


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