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Hello, if you have been following my featured trainer of the month, you probably are expecting to learn some PRACTICAL tips that I have learned from Lisa Kitter Combs.

For those of you who is visiting this blog for the first time, you may want to check out my older posts.  I have covered many key points from other trainers and mentors as well. I hope that by sharing the wisdom of Network Marketing leaders, your journey would be an easier one!

No, there are no shortcuts to success. Yet, there is no need to go for a ‘long and winding road’ in Network Marketing. When you are doing it right, success is predictable.

Success Mindset Is Crucial

Again and again, you have heard successful leaders in Network Marketing talking about success being ‘an inside job’. This is absolutely true!

Why? With the right attitude for Network Marketing success, a network marketer would take the necessary actions to reach his or her goal. When the success mindset has not been firmly anchored, network marketers tend to succumb to millions of external factors. Result? No action or little action. Hence, no or little bit of (amateur) result.

How to Aquire a Success Mindset?

Here is Lisa’s tips – you need an unwavering willingness to work on yourself. You need to work on your subconscious mind.

Lisa suggests reading books, listening to audios and attending trainings relating to personal development. Many of us KNOW that we need to do those activities but how many of us are actually doing those? Let’s be accountable for our results!

“Personal development is discipline-based! ” — Lisa Kitter Combs.

We need to discipline ourselves – to choose to be around positive people.

We need to discipline ourselves when it comes to choosing which activity to engage in. Watching TV? Reading personal development books?

We need to discipline ourselves to watch our internal dialogue. Empowering? Disempowering?

We need to discipline our thoughts and re-focus on our dream. One of the ways that we can develope a success mindset is through the discipline of doing AFFIRMATION.

The Effective Affirmation Process

This is Lisa’s 4Ps of affirmation – Positive, Present, Personal & Private.

1.Positive Affirmation –

We speak into existence the words that we use.
Correct ways : eg. I  earn $100,000 a year by building my Network Marketing


eg.  I deserve to earn $100,ooo a year.

Incorrect ways:  eg  I no longer earn $40,000 a year.

eg. I will NOT settle for this kind of income.

2. Present Tense –

Our subconscious mind doesn’t understand time. It understands only the present.

Correct way:I earn $10,ooo every month.

Incorrect ways:  eg I am going to earn $10,ooo every month.

eg. If I am lucky, I might earn $10,ooo every month.

3. Personal Affirmation – 

Use ‘I’,  ‘Me,  ‘We’ or ‘Us’ in our affirmation.

Correct ways:  eg. I achieve my goal of earning $10,ooo every month.

eg. We deserve the Car Bonus.

Incorrect ways: eg. A bonus trip to Thailand is to be won.

eg. Team effort is going to produce great results!

4. Private Affirmation –

Be sure that we have supportive people around us.

ONLY share our goals and dreams with friends or relatives and teammates who are support ive.

Be aware of negative people. When we are aware that he or she may steal our dreams, it is wise to keep our affirmation private 🙂

Internal Communication vs External Communiaction

Lisa’s  suggestion is that keep Internal Communication as PRIMARY; External Communication as SECONDARY.

Spend 80-90 percent of our effort in mastering our Internal Communication. We may not have developed a Success Mindset initially. However, with FOCUS and DISCIPLINE, Lisa would like to see us rise above the clouds!

Your Insight? Persoanl Mastery Stories?

As always, I’d love to hear your Mindset Mastery Journey. Any insights that you’d love to share with other follow Network Marketers who would like to make it above the cloud?

I would appreciate if you could leave a comment. Perhaps you’d like to share this with some of your friends?

Viola Tam 

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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