MLM Success Tips from Brian Tracy – Key Message

Throughout January, I have been sharing Brian Tracy’s Success Tips.  He has so much wisdom to share that it is almost impossible for me to pin point any particular tip.

Having said that, I would like to share why I attributed my unshakable belief to Brian.


If you have been following my story for a little while, you probably are aware that I did not plan to become a Network Marketing Professional when I first started. I joined for the wonderful products…. then gradually figured out that it would be a fantastic way of generating an extra stream of income, working flexible hours from the comfort of my home!

High expectations soon turned into disappointment as I annoyed some friends by begging them. I tried to convince them that what I had could help them (with their health or wealth creation). After a whole year into doing the business, not even one person joined!

Can you imagine the disappointment? How is success predictable??

Luckily, my sponsor and I were both open-minded. We saw others succeed and knew that we could too. We just had to shift away from doing things our way.

Later, we learned from Michael Oliver that we need to care about people and listen to what others really need. Wealso tapped into Dani Johnson’s training.  Our product is PEOPLE! We learned more skills from many leaders such as Jeffrey Clark, Tom Challan, Kim Klaver and Tim Sales…..

Somehow, our team is not having the massive results as any of those leaders!

Sometimes, we did not even have enough people in our team agreeing on following the exact system taught by the leaders.


Remember how Brian Tracy mentioned that we just have to follow what successful people do?

What went wrong in my journey to success?

I eventually figured out that there was a Commitment Problem.  I said I was going to commit to certain goals but my ACTION did not align with the goal.

How was I suppose to get the same result as Dani if I was not FOLLOWING EXACTLY what was taught by her?
The problem was, many team members did not even agree to following Dani’s Success Formula!

I knew that SUCCESS IS PREDICTABLE! I just have to find a SIMPLE SYSTEM.

In the following years, I tried out a number of Network Marketing Systems . As much as I loved those systems, my team members did not seem to appreciate the simplicity of the systems.

I was then at a position where Success was definitely NOT predictable!

EGO TRIP – I got side-tracked!

I drifted away from Brain’s teaching! I wanted to create my very own simple system for my team!! This turned out to be a disaster! Not only did my team plateaued because of the lack of prospecting activities, other team members have lost momentum too.


I came to a stage when I realized that I was trying to re-invent the wheel. That was a sure formula for Unpredictable Results!

Luckily, I have my clear vision in mind and re-focused my time and energy in searching for a system that others can duplicate easily. I found MyLeadSystemPRO (MLSP)!

The online training and marketing system that I am using allow individuals to learn at their own pace. It also allows then to pick and choose the marketing strategy that appeals most to them.  Many ordinary people coming from humble background rise to great height because of this simple system. Testimonials are all over the internet!

Now, it is hard to convince me that success is not predictable!

I owe my Unstoppable Action and Focus to Brian’s teaching – that Success is Predictable!



If you are not getting the results that you want, you may benefit from tapping into this proven online marketing system for predictable results in 2012. Join our FREE Webinar hosted by MLSP Leaders by filling in your name and email address at the Opt-in Box in the side bar on your right hand side.


Viola Tam


Your MLM Success Coach


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