MLM Success Tips from the late Jim Rohn, Part 1

Hi Welcome to Mentor of the Month – featuring the late Mr. Jim Rohn.


Jim has shared his success philosophies for over four decades across the globe! He is a gifted story teller whose dynamic and thought-provoking presentations, book, audio and video programs have impacted millions of lives worldwide. He has helped people to live to their full potential and realized their dreams.

He was America’s foremost business philosopher who has trained a whole class of personal development students. His legacy lives on as personal development mentors like Mark Victor Hansen and Anthony Robbins continue to empower people throughout the world.


Mr. Rohn’s wisdom covered so many areas that it is near impossible for me to cover them all in just one post. I shall start with his most influential Story of Sowing & Reaping today. I shall also cover his other philosophies such as in my future posts:

  • Profits are Better than Wages
  • The Magic of Part-Time
  • The Set of the Sail
  • The Law of Averages
  • Deserve vs. Need
  • Your Skills Determine Your Future….and much more!


I vividly remember listening to this story at a team meeting some years ago.

It is an interesting story about an ambitious farmer.

The story goes like this:

1)  The farmer was ambitious and therefore obtained some excellent seeds.

(The seeds represent an excellent opportunity in Network Marketing)

2)   Some of the seeds were taken by the birds!

(Jim’s insight: You invited John to check out the opportunity but he did not show up. Our choices – chase the birds (by leaving the field) or keep sowing.

The farmer did not choose to chase the bird….

He did not try to figure out the reasons why this happened…)

He kept on sowing! He did not leave the field.

3)Some of the seeds fell on rocky ground. The soil was shallow. When the weather was hot, the little plant withered and died.

(Jim’s insight: Your new distributor showed up in the first meeting and disappeared in the second one. Instead of needing to find out why, accept that some people just won’t stay.)

The farmer kept sowing! He did not leave the field.

4)Some of the seeds fell on thorny ground. The little plants were choked to death by the thorns. (Jim’s insight: Excuses like needing to fix the house, empty the trash from the garage, etc are common. Some people let little things get them out of their opportunity.)

The farmer kept sowing! He did not leave the field.

5)   Finally, some seeds fell on good ground.

Out of these, some did 30%, some did 60%, some did 100%.

(Jim’s insight: Do not try to figure out “Why?”. “It’s just the way it is.”

(Another insight: DO NOT make the 30% to do 60%.

=   Let the 30% do the 30%

=   Let the 60% do the 60%

=   Let the 100% do the 100%)

The Law of Sowing and Reaping

As long as the farmer kept on sowing, some seeds will grow.

In Network Marketing, as long as we keep sharing stories and keep inviting others to look at our opportunity, some people will join our opportunity.

As Brian Tracy teaches, the result is predictable.Jim called this “Law of Sowing and Reaping”. We just have to learn skills and add value to the market place!

Here is a short video by the late Jim Rohn to inspire you to make 2012 your best year ever!



Have you heard about this story?

How is it relate to your own Network Marketing journey?

Have you ever ‘chased after the bird’? What about asking your 30% team member to perform 60%?

Stayed Tuned for my next post on more of Mr, Rohn’s wit and wisdom  😉

Viola Tam

Your MLM Success Coach

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