MLM Success Tips from the late Jim Rohn Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of MLM Success Tips from Jim Rohn!

In this short video clip from, you can hear the late Jim Rohn’s most powerful speech about his “messing up” story.

[youtube] [/youtube]

Jim talked about the important lessons he had learned from his mentor,

Mr. Shoaff. Until we face the TRUTH and measure how we perform, we will

continue to mess up!

What a powerful message about the ‘upward positive motion’!


To rise to success, we need to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for our results. We need to measure the results in order to celebrate or make corrections.

Messed up ? A wrong plan in life? Face the TRUTH!

“The Truth will set you free!”  – Jim Rohn

If someone can help us with errors in judgment, or help us to correct our financial philosophy, our spiritual philosophy, our philosophy on a good relationship, the ‘upward positive motion’ begins.


As Jim said, let results teach us our activities (discipline), our attitude and philosophy. In Network Marketing when we our pay depends on our results (sales volume). We need to face the TRUTH so that we can adjust and make progress.

This is why having a mentor to check in with our results is a brilliant strategy.  Have you also messed up? I did!

What philosophy did I have?

I wanted to create my own system for the team, not realizing that there were proven success systemsin the market place. I was trying to reinvent the wheels!

I am glad that I have since found MyLeadSystemPRO (MLSP) 🙂

Do you also need to increase your skills in order to progress?


If you are using blogging as your main source of lead generation, are you getting the numbers of leads that you want?

Are you ready to correct your errors of judgment and improve your conversion rate?

How about learning from the expert about doubling your conversion rate?

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