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If you come here often, you would have a good idea that I am a hardcore Network Marketing advocate.

First, I have always been a person with an open mind.  Decades ago, I was first introduced to the idea of Network Marketing, reviewed the business model and  was convinced that it is a great opportunity for ordinary people to start their own business.  Even though the timing was not right then,  the Network Marketing seed was planted in my mind.

Second, in the past years whilst I have been actively building my Network Marketing organization, I have personally witnessed many people’s lives turned around. Hearing those real life success stories was one of the factors that had kept me going at the beginning when everything seemed ‘all too hard’.

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I feel blessed as my network marketing company has a broad range of very effective wellness products that can impact on people’s lives not only wealth-wise but health-wise. 

Sadly, this profession carries with it a stigma.  Building a real business from scratch – no large capital investment – may seem like something that sounds great but may not work in practice.

For years, I often joke about that if it did not work, it was due to the human factors!

Let’s dig deep to see why this industry carries a stigma or leaves a bad taste in so many people’s mouth.

Network Marketing Stigma or Bad Taste

For valid reasons, some people got hurt in their past network marketing attempts. Here are just a few of the very common unfortunate scenarios that distributors may have fallen into:

1. No sponsors-

Shortly after joining the company and decided to build a distribution organization, the sponsor leaves, as the results are usually not coming in fast enough to keep them staying.

Whose fault? The Team Leader has a lot to be accounted for. The ‘sponsor’ probably does not really understands what it takes to be successful in Network Marketing. He or she gets disappointed and left.

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2. Wrong Sponsors-

Some sponsors focused too much on recruiting. Recruit. Recruit. More recruiting. They may bring in team members who are not passionate users of the company’s products.  These sponsors typically make quick bucks as they bring in new team members.  They recruit new team members like crazy, leaving new team members untrained or poorly trained. 

The result? They quit as their original dream of developing ‘passive income’ is not happening fast enough. They get burned out easily because of their constant recruiting efforts.  As new team members also quit shortly after joining when they get rejected by their friends and/or relatives, their team is not getting anywhere.  This is a lose-lose situation.

3. Amateur Sponsor-

Those sponsors are focusing too much on the products. They get team members who genuinely love the products and absolutely love promoting them.  However, the product-focused team activities are typically relating to sharing positive product experiences. This could work well with a few trusted friends and relatives. However, distributors could get overly passionate and annoy others who may not be ready to embrace the products. The more passionate they want to help, the worse the perception.

The result? Network marketers love chasing people! Another lose-lose situation.

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4. Business Builders with Inadequate Business Skills –

This situation is similar to scenario 3 – this time is even worse! The sponsor realizes the power of collecting genuine customers. Say, in our company, it takes about 10-20 loyal customers for the sponsor to get her own monthly products for free. Most distributors get excited because from that point onwards, they can run their business with literally no business overhead.

There is no shop, no staff or stock to keep!

The excitement may have lead them to think that the wonderful products would ‘sell themselves’. This mindset is, however, faulty. Just because one person loves Mercedes-Benz dearly and vowed that it is the best choice of cars, it does not mean that everyone who knows about Mercedes-Benz would buy one.

Can you imagine a amateur network marketer wanting to share what he is passionate about – income potential, lifestyle business opportunity, ability to impact on others lives, etc – with others, regardless whether that other person is also passionate about the SAME thing?

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The result? The perception that network marketers are chasing people …. and possibly greedy people chasing money and fame  as well.

5. Irresponsible Sponsors-

They teach their new team members the skills yet fail to make it clear that it does take time, money and efforts to build a successful Network Marketing organization.  A good one year’s commitment to learning and putting the skills into action is recommended. 

Even new team members who have been told upfront about this will get disappointed of the relatively slow success process. Some may not stay on long enough to master the essential skills.  Some of those ‘failed’ distributors may bad-mouth this industry saying that the odds of making it successful in Network Marketing is remote.

An irresponsible sponsor meeting an irresponsible team member is disaster.

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A responsible sponsor coaches and mentors. He or she keeps on enrolling new team members into the organization and develop those potential leaders who are willing to step up.  Distributors who are not responsible for their own actions? The sponsor can only inspire. The action-taking part is the responsibility of the individual distributor.

A responsible sponsor meeting a responsible team member is pure joy.  This is a win-win collaboration.

Incredible Insights from Mark Yarnell

Mark Yarnell faced lots of challenges whilst he was on the Network Marketing success journey.I share his wisdom using his powerful “15 Years Left” podcasts  You can check it out here. 

As a Network Marketing insider, I would love to share another of his more recent short video.  I do sincerely hope that you can ponder upon his message.

Click here for his incredible insights..

More Incredible Insights For Sharing?

Have you had any of those sponsors I mentioned?

Have you had negative experiences with other types of sponsors? How have you overcome the challenges and stigma?

If you have been burnt before, can you see why that it might not be your fault?

Did you find value in this? If yes, please share on other social media platforms or leave a comment below. I would certain appreciate if you do both 🙂

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