MLM Success Tips I learned from Jeff Roberti

Welcome to the featured Network Marketing mentor of the month. This time, I am featuring Jeff Roberti. I first heard about his success story from Jerry ‘DRhino’ Clark’s audio cassette. I have not personally met Jeff but feel like I know him really well through the YouTube videos.

Here is the one about his story:


Always The Best

I believe that Jeff’s “always the best” attitude has helped him from being ‘desperate’ to be hugely successful. When he first started doing network marketing at the age of 21:

he did not buy the excuse that he was too young…

he did not buy the excuse that he was inexperienced…

he did not buy the excuse that he was not well educated…

His winning mindset has helped him to make the right choice!

As Jeff stated: Making Money OR Making Excuses – we cannot make both.

What is YOUR choice?

Jeff made a decision to throw away his list of excuses.

I have thrown away my list of excuses too!

What about you? I hope that you will be inspired to do so!

There is absolutely no need to wait until we are desperate to start improving the quality of our lives. Making Money? Making Excuses? The choice is ours!

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Viola Tam

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