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Welcome to the third blog post about what I have picked up from Jeff Roberti, a young waiter turned into a legendary MLM leader! If you have not read about his success story, click here. In my last post, I covered his key success tips – emotional sincerity. You can find out more here.

Today, I am going to share the video interview that covers ‘Leading by Example’. This is a commonly known strategy for inspiring team members to step up and act. You can pick up a lot from Jeff here:


Amazing Work Ethic

Jeff’s success is obviously closely related to his work ethic. He has excellent attitude. He is committed to becoming the BEST distributor. Discipline. Consistency. Daily method of operation. He did whatever it took to beome the top distributor! It is through SHOWING, rather than TELLING, that he rose to great leadership.

Jeff worked his skills to BE a great distributor. By doing so, he attracted great leaders. He inspired potential leaders. I was one of those who was nodding my head all along as I listened to his video training. His message is loud and clear. Do the work daily and diligently – sharing stories – and get paid for!

Leading By Example

What example? Doing the right things necessary for success every day! Jeff calls this Daily Method of Operation. Some leaders call it Daily Routine.

Jeff’s message is that leaders need to ACTUALLY DO the things required for productive outcomes.

True leaders KNOW what the success blueprint is. They have mastered the basic skills. They continue to cultivate their dream. They prospect. They follow up. They sign up new members. They train new members. They tap every new team members into this cycle of activities!

True leaders are relaxed. They demonstrate that results are the natural consequence of consistent work.  As Jeff says, the numbers don’t lie.

At the beginning, team members may have to connect with a higher number of candidates (prospects) before there is one enrolment. As the skills and confidence increase, the enrolment ratio gets better!True leader’s own results will keep new team members inspired and focused!

Sharing Time

Do you have valuable learning experiences to share?

Do you know other ‘lead by example’ leaders who inspires you to move forward?

Feel free to leave a comment or share with your friends.

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