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I have been sharing this one important message throughout this blog: that network marketing is simply promoting and recommending products or services that we love. Yet, because of the fact that network marketers DO get paid for the recommendation, the sharing is sometimes tainted with suspicion that the testimonials may not be the truth.

This is exactly why network marketing works best when we are talking to trusted friends.  When there is trust, the message is allowed to reach the prospect without unnecessary filters. That is, the prospects will be able to review the information presented to them objectively.


To be effective in promoting and recommending, one MUST do the ‘selling’ the natural way – with no agenda but to inform. The professional network marketer’s role is NOT to make sure that the prospect believes him, join the company or do something about his or her life.

The PROFESSIONAL network marketer is to educate and empower…. so that the prospect is given an ADDITIONAL OPTION to choose. They themselves arrive at THEIR own decision whether to try the products or join the company as a business partner.

Isn’t that wonderful that all the pressure about ‘closing’ the sale is taken off with this agenda-free trust-based selling?

Skeptical About Selling?

If you are still having doubts about the effectiveness of this kind of ‘selling’, let’s look at some everyday scenario:

Here is the truth:

If your child wants you to enrol in a drama class – you needed to be sold that it is a good idea to do so.

If you want to persuade your friend to go to a Thai restaurant, instead of her preferred Chinese one, you put forward your reasons. Guess what? You’re selling your idea.

Selling happens all the time, but this doesn’t stop people from avoiding the sales profession. Why?

You may have experienced an aggressive or pushy sales person in the past, and subconsciously do not wish to become part of this industry.
Here is the challenge – when your network marketing company has great products or services to share with others, how do you sell effectively?

Effective Selling – From a Position of Service

The Natural Selling approach, as taught by Michael Oliver, is about gaining the skills to start a meaningful conversation with others – to find out about a person’s life and see if they are facing a problem or challenge.

The bottomline is: If there is a challenge – do we have the solution to help?


When we offer something, whether it be a product or a business opportunity that can truly help, we are actually providing them with a SOLUTION.

For example: someone you know may have severe joint pain that has been compromising their quality of life for many years. You have a product that helps to alleviate pain and this has been backed up by many great testimonials. Wouldn’t you want to share this information?

Your friend becomes interested in trying this product. And the manufacturer is using a Network Marketing company as its distribution channel. That is – the product isn’t available from shops or supermarkets. Naturally, he would get the product through YOU, because you shared with him the benefits of using that product and probably directed him to some health information.

Do we call this SELLING to your friends?

Isn’t it more appropriate to call it SHARING with your friends?
The sharing is based on the agenda to SERVE others.

Frau hält Herzluftballon in die Luft

The Natural Selling method teaches the most respectful and honourable way to find out if a person has a problem that needs solving. Once a new network marketing distributor understands this, the whole process becomes meaningful. As Michael beautifully puts it – it is “selling from the soul – ancient wisdom – modern practice”.

Good News and Bad News

People may still have predetermined ideas about listening to your information. That’s why network marketers need to master some basic skills to bypass deep-seated sales-filters in people’s mind.

Here’s the good news: these simple skills are easy to learn and apply.

The bad news is: some people are resistant to the idea of ‘manipulating’ the subconscious minds of others.

I love what Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter, one of the most respected professional network marketing leaders has to say about this. In essence, he says – would it be okay to manipulate the minds of others, so they can at least open to hearing what we have to offer – to improve their quality of life?

He teaches how selling can be objection-free – a very effective approach indeed.

businessman hand pushing solution button

In a similar vein, Tim Sales, another network marketing trainer, teaches “Greet and Qualify” wherever we go. This literally means that we greet, connect and find out if there is a need that we can meet. If there is – is there a desire for change? If there is – then we can inform them about our products and services.

I Can’t Sell? I Can’t Help?

OK, now I have two qualifying questions for you. Answering these two simple questions will allow you to get clearer about this Network Marketing profession:

The key issue is not whether you can sell – it’s about whether you decide you want to help.
There are many reasons why people feel morally obligated to share, while others have real challenges helping.

Here are two questions I’d like you to ponder:
• When I come across others I know I can help, do I care enough to help?
• Do I care more about how others might see me when I take action to help?

Your Insights?

I love feedback from other network marketing professionals. If you are also doing networking marketing the non-aggressive way, please share your success here.

If you are exploring this industry, I’d love to hear if you find the information helpful.

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