MLM Success Tips: Saving Money vs Creating Money

A while ago, I was with an awesome friend of mine when we were talking about business in general. I said something along this line – Saving Money is one thing & Creating Money is another! She loves that idea because she is in property investment business and certainly understands the power of Wealth Creation.

I’d like to point out that in achieving Network Marketing success, abundant thinking is crucial.

For example, when the water bill and electricity bills are going up, what you think by default?

Do you ask yourself – ‘How do I save more money for the rising bills?

OR do you ask – ‘How can I create more income to deal with the bills?

Cost Of Living Expenses Sky High Monitor Showing Increasing Cost

Another example, when many one-income families are concerned about the rising bills as well as the ‘certainty’ of the monthly pay cheque, how many are thinking: ‘How can I create another source of income?’…

Or, even better, asking this: ‘How can I create multiple streams of income?

And… what about this: ‘How can I create a recurring income that can come in even after my retirement?’

When one is actually doing network marketing, the RIGHT question to ask is :

‘How can I make this work for me?’

Definitely not this –

‘It did not work out last time, may be this is not meant to be for people like me who (>>>> LOTS of various excuses<<<<<<) ?

The Truth is – Many Options

There are lots of options for wealth creation. I have listed at least 4 ways here:

  1. (Professional) Network Marketing – my personal favourite.
  2. Online business (physical or electronic products/services)
  3. Affiliate Marketing (promoting others’ awesome products and get paid for that!)
  4. Be a author – you DO have a story to tell, trust me!

Graphic of success concept. 3d render.

‘Think & Grow Rich’ Meet Up Group

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