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Welcome back to another dose of Jeff Roberti’s Success Tips! If you have not read my last three blog posts about his story and some of his pearls of wisdom, I encourage you to do so.

Last time, I shared with you the Leading by Example concept. Today, I am going to elaborate on what great leaders should be doing.

In this following short video clip, you can pick up a lot of gems from Jeff:


Say Less to More

This is a vital success tips if you want to be highly efficient in getting results for your network marketing business. As Jeff says:

You can’t say the right thing to the wrong person AND

you can’t say the wrong thing to the right person!

Let go of the people who say ‘No’ to the products or opportunity and move forward. NEXT.  For those people we really care about, we can keep them on what Jeff calls the ‘Drip List’.

Personally, I have a drip list of candidates whose timing isn’t right. I would approach them again when THEIR circumstances have changed. I also re-approach these people when there is some exciting news or product launch. This way, my candidates will have a chance to explore more if that is what they want to do. No pressure. Just on-going sharing from the heart.

As Jeff pointed out, the idea is to have a sequence of exposures.

We do not have to talk a lot. Just short simple exposures. Engage with those candidates who do wish to know more. Talk Less to MORE.

Keep Moving Forward

Remember Jeff mentioned about ‘NEXT’ and keep moving forward ? Once we can master this tips, we are unstoppable. Why? Our focus will be on the ones who say ‘Yes’. Our energy will not not be spent on chasing those people who say ‘No’.

Having said that, my personal experience and observance tell me that this could be a tough step.

How can you move forward easily when dear friends of yours who are in financial hardship fail to see the income potential?

How can you move forward easily when relatives of yours refused to even take a look at what the nutritional supplements could do to their health?

All my new team members KNOW that they have to be willing to let go of the outcome. But many of them found that hard.

My tips is to suggest them to put things in perspective and totally accept the circumstances.

Accept that some people cannot see the opportunity.

Accept that some people are too sceptical to find out more.

Accept EVERYTHING. It is when we totally detach ourselves from the outcome that we can gracefully move forward.

Produce results. It is the best way to inspire others to see things from another perspective.

Let’s Do It Together Attitude

Once we have team members whose values and vision align with ours, we can move on as a TEAM.  That is when the Mentor-Distributor relationship starts. Leaders like Jeff are great mentors. They focus on putting the spotlight on aspiring new team members. It is the ‘Let’s do it together’ attitude have made Jeff such a legendary leader.

Jeff also emphasizes that it is not a lifelong management relationship. The end goal is to have developed many capable leaders in their own rights.

You may be asking, what do we have to do or say in order to put the spotlight on our committed members. Here is another video clip that is one of the best training sessions that I have come across.

Take special attention to Jeff’s tone of voice and body language. The ‘Direct SHARING’ idea is so strong in him that I trust that you can pick up the emotional sincerity in him. Do you think his prospects may feel his helping attitude too?

Here is the video.


Under Promise. Over Deliver

This is another excellent piece of advice that I am grateful for.  I made that mistake before – over promise and under deliver. I am now mindful of what is more realistic to new team members. As Jeff did, I talked about helping team members to get their products for free. Then I talk about helping them in getting a few extra hundred dollars, doing the business part time!

As new members are getting more small successes and deeper conviction, their dreams typically grow.

Promise team members that we are there for them. The ‘Equal Commitment’ concept is powerful. Sure enough, as leaders, we can provide the support and mentoring. However, each individuals  are independent business owners. They must be willing to learn and grow to be a true leader too!

Leaders guide team members to success through baby steps. Under promise. Over deliver.

Sharing Time

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