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Networking Marketing success depends on how well a distributor can promote the products or services that the network marketing company provides. Most new distributors start with no or very little knowledge and skills. Often, the person who has sponsored them in are still relatively new in the business.

How are these novice potential leaders best support their new team members?

The secret lies in having a great support system. The original seasoned leader will be the one helping the relatively new potential leaders to continue to grow. Meanwhile, taking on these novice leaders’ new recruits as though they were the original leader’s own DIRECT recruit.

You may have learned from your own personal experience that we learn not by just reading or listening. We learn better by engaging in activities.

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While some basic training needed to be provided to a new distributor, the learning is in the role playing initially. When distributors go through training workshops, most sound clumsy. As more role plays are done, the ‘script’ becomes a bit more conversational. Yet, the best way to learn is in the actual doing!


Over time, the newer leaders get the hang of how to be a leader themselves by experiencing how they themselves are trained and supported. They become better leaders by doing the actual mentoring role when the time comes. This is why a Success Blueprint and Training System are crucial. Knowledge and skills needed to be passed on through generations.

Success System

How to best do this passing on of knowledge? Without the risk of losing or compromising the contents that needed to be learned?

Some successful network marketing leaders have stepped up and created success systems much that of a McDonald franchise. Rather than having the knowledge and information passed on verbally and by training sessions only, more and more leaders have realized the importance of the training system in the form of an easily retrievable form.

For instance, our team has this wonderful training system that ALL members – old and new- can tapped into. Individual distributors can learn at home and at their own pace. Role plays and other support are optional (as required). This makes the mentor’s role so much easier. Click here and get a sense of how this support system works. What you see is the marketing side of the site. Each serious team members has his or her own user name and password to access the site for learning.

Productive Potential Leaders?

Leaders become successful because they are willing to go out there and make mistakes along the way.

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Their success lies in the APPLICATION of what they have learned from the training website, manual or role play sessions.

There are some distributors who have millions of excuses why they do not think that they are ready. They do everything except contacting prospects. Perhaps making sure that the desk in tidy; always calling other more senior distributors for advice; putting together a new brochure or refining a presentation. The list of ‘To Do Things” goes on forever.

There are also people who spend time investigating and looking for ways to fast track their success. They find it more comfortable to stay in these types of ‘productive’ modes to avoid actually doing something to build their business.

Those are distributors who are so busy with “busyness” that they cannot find any time to connect with people or recruit.

They are the ones who concluded that Network Marketing is not working. They concluded that they just do not have enough time to do the business.

If they keep going with their ‘busyness’, how are they ever to reach their goals?

Is this  a mindset issue? Or, is it a time management issue? 

I’d argue that it is a mentoring issue.

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A good mentor would be one who is counselling them and advising them that they go out and actually do something.

Maybe even make the first inviting call? Then progress to doing the first prospecting presentation?

Team members need to understand that even if they make a lot of calls investigating network marketing ideas, nothing will happen.

When there is already a proven success system, why reinvent the wheels? Bouncing ideas about marketing strategies may not be the best activities, at least at the beginning of a new distributor’s Success Journey.

 A great mentor has the wisdom and courage to challenge aspiring leaders to stay on track. Success strategies used by other successful teams could become the worst distraction! I was once guilty of doing some kinds of ‘Referral Card System’ that actually brought in less than satisfactory results! Thankfully, my mentor’s advice has helped me to stay on track again.

Your Zig Zag Journey?

If you are in network marketing, do you have any zig zag journey to share?

Have you ever reinvented the wheel?

If yes, why did you do that in the first place? No Success Blueprint initially? Or, it is your ego at play?

Please share generously for all newer network marketers to share. Thanks!


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