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Welcome to the featured distributor of the month! This time, the spotlight is on Tom Challan! I only came to know Tom relatively late in my network marketing journey. I am honoured to be one of his Recruiting Bootcamp students. It is through the real life role playing with Tom that I learned to fine tune my own recruiting skills!

If you have been following my posts, you would have heard about Dani Johnson. Tom was a great student of Dani. He applied what he learned and became massively successful, recruiting 500 in two short years! His Priority Team grew to 40,000. You may like to check out his unique bootcamp training here.

Biggest Secret – a System!

As Tom mentioned, the difference between able to recruit a few people a year and a few people a month is very small. The subtle difference can only be fully appreciated by being in the trenches!

Yet, the biggest fear for new network marketers is that they do not know how to talk to people and enrol them!

Another fear is also very common: How do I lead them?

At the time that I attended Tom’s bootcamp, there was no simple step-by-step system from my upline team (except the invitation to hotel meeting and the traditionbal 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 meet up). Although I recruited people into my business from the leads that I bought, those recuits ended up not producing any results!  I finally (yes, FINALLY) realized that rather than providing my team with amateur team support, it was much wiser to tap into a well designed system that practically ANYONE can duplicate!

It was at that point that I stopped my lead-calling routine and came online to find out more about brilliant duplicatable systems.

Whichever network marketing company you are in, there MUST be a easy-to-follow system!

Get to Know Tom Challan Here

I am going to introduce you to Tom through his own video clip!

I hope this can give you insights into how leveraging on our strengths is the key to success!

All new network marketers started from zero or near-zero skills.Those who are committed breakthrough their own personal limitation and succeed.

If you are keen to improve your recruiting skills, check out his Birthday Special Bootcamp here. I could not recommend it highly enough!


Giving Back Spirit

I have discovered that Tom is a trainer with a BIG HEART. His eagerness to see others succeed can easily be felt.

Check out his FREE 30-minute weekly training here.

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