Natural Selling – Discovery Questions

In Michael Oliver’s Naturtal Selling, the idea is to use Socratic dialogue to connect, discover and present (if appropriate).

In all the stages that Michael mentions, the KEYS are:

1) 100 percent focussed on the needs on the other person (potential partner)

2) Taking the time to explore the real meanings in the answers to our questions

3) Letting go of the outcome – if there is no desire for changing the circumstances, we need to respect that!

Objective of the Natural Selling Process

The journey of discovery is to simply find out 3 things BEFORE you start talking about your solution:

1. Is there a problem to be solved?

2. Do they have a desire to change?

3. Do you have the right solution for them?

I would like to share some examples of the types of questions in the ‘Discovering Stage’ of the Natural Selling Process. Do not get too caught up in the names of the stages. Learn the kind of questions to ask and discover! Feel how the conversation can flow smoothly 🙂

Dicovering Stage

Background Questions:

How long have you been working as a chef?

What drew you into this kind of job?

Needs Awareness Questions:

Do you still enjoy doing it after 22 years?

Would you change anything about your job as a chef if you could?

Is being a chef still your passion or would you rather be doing something else if you could?

How would having more money make your life different?

Consequence Questions:

What will you do if you can’t realize this dream of yours?

How will it affect your family if you are to continue working under stress like this?

What plan do you have in case your husband did lose his job because of the economy?

Solution Questions:

Have you looked for any work that would give you what you’re seeking – the extra money and more time?

What ‘s preventing you from making a change or doing it right now?

Qualifying Questions:

Well, let me ask you something. If something came along that fitted in with the hours you are working and allowed you to get the txtra money to pay off your debts – would you look at an opportunity like that?

If something came along that could fit into what you do.. and you can earn extra money tpowards your children’s future education – would you look at an opportunity like that?

More Warm Market Conversations

Mary, I was thinking about the challenges you were talking about the other day, and I was wondering how was that going?

You know how you were talking about your lack of self-fulfillment at work the other day? Well, I might have found something that could be the answer for you!

Hi, Jill, you know how you were concerned about (describe what it is). Well, I might have discovered something that could work for you…

Joe, remember we talked about needing more money for retirement so that we do not have to worry about the rise of the bills? I have found something that is working well for me.  How do you feel about checking it out?

Challenge A Belief

After discovering some concerns that you know is based on a belief that might not be serving the potential partener, we could make a suggestion:

“Suppose it wasn’t what you thoiught it was?”

“What if we could….?”

“Suppose you could…?”

Buying Your Solution?

“People will explore and buy your solution not because they necessarily understand what it is or how it works, but because they feel you have listened to them and understood the as a unique person. People buy solutions, goods and services, for their reasons not yours!” – Michael Oliver

Do you care enough to connect, discover and challenge?

Do you respect others’ circumstances and let go if they are not ready for a change?

Are you able to stay calm and move on professionally if others are not ready for a change?

I’d love to hear your comments!

Viola Tam

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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