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Welcome back for more MLM tips from Michael Oliver, Founder of Natural Selling.

We are going into Solution Mode today 🙂

Re-Surfacing The Challenges

As we connect with our friends who have previously raised a challenge or concern, the conversation may go like this:

“You know how last time you mentioned that the company might be down-sizing and that you were worried about it? How is things going?”

” You know how you were saying that having your children soon means that you will need to give up your job, and it’s causing you some concern because there will be a dip in your income and you’re worried about being left behind in the business world?”

” You know how you were concerned about the rise of bills and that the single income source from your husband may not be able to make ends meet as the children grow into their teenage year? ”

Possible Solution – Discovery Questions

“Have you thought of exploring other income options as a Plan B, in case you were to lose your job?”

‘Have you thought of starting a home-based business using all these previous work experiences that you have had working in the corporate world?

” Have you ever thought of doing something different, something that you can do from home, to supplement the family income?

“Have you thought of setting up your own home-based business to make sure that you can be at home with the children during their growing years?

“What do you see as the answer to your problem?”

Probing Deeper

When your friend give you the answer, for example: “I am so stressed at work that I do not even have the time to explore other options!”

You ask: “Is that important for you to get a Plan B so that you do not have to worry about the company’s  possible downsizing?”

Another example:    When your friends says: ” I have never owned any business before, I don’t think it is going to work.”

You ask: ” Have you noticed that some stay-at-home mums helping out at the school fete are earning quite a big pay cheque working from home while the kids are at school?”

Another example: ” Look, I have not had any working experience since I have my second child 10 years ago. I don’t think I can do much….You know what? I don’t even have a good education!”

You ask: ” Let me ask you, is having an additional source of income important to you?”

Still More (Qualifying) Questions

Whatever answer people give us, we need to dig deeper and  ask these types of questions (to find out the desire for change):

“Why is that important to you?” (Note: Michael explains that this is ANOTHER way of asking ” How do you see the benefits of solving your problem?”)

” How important is that to you?”

“I sense that you’re not too sure, how do you see it? ”

” If you could…. what would that mean to you?

” How would you feel if you could….?”

Offer our solution to help (if appropriate – when there is a strong emotional desire for change).

My belief is that problem solving requires teamwork 🙂

Here are some of Michael’s examples:

” Mark, you told me you’re crazy in your job because of the uncertainty, the politics and lack of promtion for your work. If you could change all of that and do something different, would you do it? ”

” Wendy, what if you found a way for you to realize your dream, would you seriously look at making it happen if something came your way that gave you the opportunity? ”

” If you were ever presented with the opportunity to do just that  – would you do whatever it takes to get the things you want?”

My Own Style

” If you could earn that extra $1000 a month to supplement the family income and that have that time flexibility that you talked about,  are you open to checking it out ?”

” You know how a few years ago, that Network Marketing opportunity we worked hard on did not work out?  Tim and I have found that this one is so different from the other one! You got to check it out now that you mentioned about how serious you are to look at other options! Can you come to our meeting this Wednesday evening? Or, is next week better for you?”

” You mentioned that you were open to looking at ways to improve the cash flow for your business. Would you be able to come to a meeting this Wednesday or Friday tocheck things out?”

Your Comments

As always, I value your comments and feedback. Do share your success in doing something similar to what Michael teaches so that we can be a more effective helper.

Viola Tam

Your MLM Success Coach

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