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Hello, welcome to my blog! This month’s featured MLM Mentor is Dani Johnson.

From A Mess to Millions

If you have been in this industry for a while, you must have heard about her! She came from a humble and abusive family and became homeless at 21.  Many would have thought that is quite ‘normal’ for a person with such a disadvantaged background. Not for Dani! She described herself as being called to do great things by God and went on to becoming a millionnaire when she was only 23.

For those of you who understand the power of leverage in Network Marketing, this ‘sudden rise to glory’ would not surprise you at all. For those who are still new to the industry and may not have tasted the joy of having a ‘passive income’ of that magnititude, you will get inspired by Dani!

If you are just exploring this Network Marketing industry, I hope that Dani’s contribution can ignite a glimpse of HOPE in you.  If you are looking for a better future for you and the friends and families around you, I encourage you to invest more time and energy in getting to know this industry.  The so called ‘disadvantaged’ need not stay in that situation if they choose to take action like Dani did!

Here is a short video clip about her past and her passion! Catch her ENERGY!


Spirit Driven Success

In one of Dani’s training CDs, she mentioned these occupations that she would like to be in: teaching, social work, politician.

From the video onterview, I believe you can feel her passion in wanting to do good and helping others to take control of their financial future.

She is, in fact, a teacher, social worker and politician all in one.

What Dani teaches are the exact skills that have brought her to be so successful. The inner desire to walk a different path in life came to her through God.

I believe her suucess has a lot to do with her being teachable. Her spiritual path is one that clearly states “I am not going back to broke again!”

Do We Have to be Dead Broke?

Being dead broke drives us either float or sink! In reality, many people are not at the ‘dead broke end’. Some are on that path but not quite there yet.

Why worry about the possiblilty of being retrenched? You can have an opportunity to pick up another pay cheque through your Network Marketing efforts!

Why worry about just having one family income? Start building a second stream of income may not be a bad idea!

Why work hard for 40+ years when there are other ways to fast track your retirement like Dani did?

My questions to you are:

Do we have to be dead broke to begin taking charge of our own financial future?

Wouldn’t it be great that each of us are able to becoming financially independent? Rather than relying on government or non-profit organizations for support?

Would it not be a great idea to have a lot more wealthy people who are ABLE contribution to causes such as world poverty and world peace?

Exploring Network Marketing

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