Network Marketing Profession is Here to Stay

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If it is your first visiting, it may be helpful for you to read my last post when I talked about how ex-Network Marketers as well as those who may not have done any Network Marketing may wish to join this awesome profession. Click here for the blog.

Network Marketing Profession is Here to Stay

This blog is inspired by many of my team members who themselves are in all sorts of different professions. The fact that you guys and ladies are joining this profession is an inspiration to those who are yet to discover Network Marketing as a great way for them to achieve a better life.

The reasons for professionals to join are simple and pretty obvious.

Here are just some real life examples:


  • Busy business persons would like to have more energy and better sleep so as to be more productive. By establishing an extra income stream, they can afford to work LESS hours and hence have more quality time with their with house of hands
  • Busy employees would like to stay healthy & productive so that they can perform at their peak. When it comes to company downsizing, an extra stream of income becomes a wonderful protection while they start looking for a new job or establish their own business.
  • Stay-at-home mums would like to be at their best performance as a parent AND at the same time bringing in an extra income for the family. This way, the children can be with at least one parent during their formative years. More importantly, they can build a ‘wall of financial security’ for the family.
  • Hard working blue collar workers do not have to reply on working for 40 years before they can retire. Leveraging others’s efforts brings about a better lifestyle. With a health & wellness company as the Network Marketing platform, they can ensure that they do not have all those aches and pains associated with their job or business.
  • For nurses and those working in the popular age care facilities, who would prefer to work night shifts away from their own family?

I trust that you are getting the point!

Theft of intellectual property

Network Marketing Profession is Here to Expand

Recently, I have had a lady accountant contacting me for a conversation. She would like to grow her Network Marketing side-business better. I congratulated her on making the decision to join our AWESOME profession and shared some insights with her.

I have personally invited some accountants to join my Network Marketing business as a side-project but so far, there has not been any success.

I do have an ex-accountant friend who is now in the real estates industry. Her plan is to ‘retire’ as a professional network marketer. She has had success in this industry before and knows very well that as we grow as a leader, our business grows.

She can clearly see that this profession is a perfect alternate pathway for single mums. Single mums can grow as a person and have a better life for themselves and the children.

The accountant who called me is just one of the many out there who are AWARE that Network Marketing is something that they can do by the side.

Why not make great use of the personal networking, skills and talents to help others and get paid for?

It really does not take a genius to understand this, does it?

More About Professional Network Marketing?

I am more than happy to share with you this wave of Professionalism in Network Marketing which is long overdue!

If you wish to find out more, visit this site and check out how a wise dentist (my mentor) has created a legacy to help many others. Click here to find out more.

Please left a comment if you are seeking to know more about this professional. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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