Tips from Network Marketing ‘Secret Millionaire’

Welcome to the second blog post featuring Dani Johnson. You can check out her website here.

Living the Impossible Dream?

With a disadvantaged background like Dani, many people would have drifted into a dreadful life!

Why then hasn’t Dani gone down that path?

Dani had a dream! She made a decision to follow great mentors so that she could have great results in Network Marketing too!

Can you imagine what life would be like if you truly believed that anything is possible?

If there is a will, there is a way!

Dani’s story has inspired and will continue to inspire hundreds and thousands of man and woman to HONESTLY ask themselves if they really desire a better life!

What would you do if you knew you could not fail ?

Would you scarifice a few hours a week’s TV time to do what is required to do in order to enrol new distributors?

Would you go to meetings or attend webinars rather than going to parties?

Would you prioritize the ‘must do daily tasks’ in order to grow your Network Marketing organization?

Would you learn the prospecting skills in order to connect better with others and get to know others’ goals and dreams?

Would you be non-judgemental and listen in order to find out others’ challenges in life?

Would you care enough to persist so that you can rise to your own GREATNESS?

Giving Back to Benefit Others

Remember she once wanted to be a social worker?

Here is a short video clip to show you the humanity side of Dani:


Her HELPING approach in doing Network Marketing is evident

HELPING others to get rid of all the excuses!

HELPING others to take control of their lives!

HELPING individials to become debt-free!

HELPING individuals to reach their full potential!

HELPING to groom the next generation for success in life!

Call to Freedom from Dani Johnson

Your DESIRE to be Successful is the key to your success!

No Excuses!

Achieve and Be FREE!

Share your Thoughts

Have you attended any of Dani’s events?

Have you benefited from her online training?

Any thoughts on DESIRE ?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and insights!

Viola Tam

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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